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Cassus "Deadeye" Severon
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Default Cassus "Deadeye" Severon

Hey here is my first attepmt at a guard character so bare with me...

Cassus may be taken as an in an all Imperial Guard army over 1000points...
He does not take up any spots on the force organisation chart...

Cassus "Deadeye" Severon
Ws Bs S T W I A Ld Sv
3 4 3 3 2 4 2 10 5+

Weapons: Auto-Rifle, CC weapon
Wargear: Flak Armour, Bionic Eye, Cameleoline, Adamantium Shells, Piercer Shells
Spec Rules: Loner, Fearless, Preparation, War Veteran

Auto Rifle: (40" S4)
The auto-rifle is a heavily modified Imperial Guard Sniper Rifle which can be fired in one of two modes, Single Shot or Semi Automatic:
Single Shot: 2+ to hit, 3+ to wound (pinning) (AP 5)
(Whilst using single shot mode Casus can pick out individual models in squads)
Semi Automatic: 3+ to hit, 4+ to wound (D6 shots) (AP 6)

Bionic Eye: Confers upon Cassus the bonus of a signum and when using night fighting rules Casus does not need to test for the distance he can see (Re-roll does not apply to Adamantium Shells or Piercer Shells)

Cameleonline: Gives +1 cover save

Loner: Cassus always works alone and as such can never be joined or join another unit

Fearless: Cassus has seen to much bloodshed in his life to be worried about death and as such will always test on an unmodified leadership value

Preparation: Cassus can infiltrate and also after deployment but before the first turn you may move one friendly unit up to 6" away from its original location to another location inside your deployment zone

War Veteran: Cassus recieves the bonus of the Macharian Cross, also Cassus is a Veteran of numerous battles and as such can always find the best hiding spots in cover therefore Cassus will always add another +1 to his cover save when behind cover... Not in the open.

(Single Shot Only)
Adamantium Shells: When using adamantium shells the enemy does not recieve an armour save, invulnerable saves may be taken as normal... 3 rounds

(Single Shot Only)
Piercer Shells: When using piercer shells all shots against vehicles are 2D6 + 2 for armour penetration... 2 rounds

Please comment and critique... Not sure about the points at the moment but i was looking around 80-100...

From across the table...

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Default Re: Cassus "Deadeye" Severon

Did you know there is already an autogun, or as its known in some books an "auto rifle".

Semi-Automatic, or possibly rapid fire. So, it can be rapid fire...

Odd special weapon, seems quite like sly marbo but with a dokkoff weapon
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