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IG Minis?
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Default IG Minis?

Well, I was looking through the lot of minis GW offers the other day an wandered, is there no longer any Valhallans, Talarn etc minis?
(I have a feeling it is something to do with Cadians and I don't want to turn the topic into one of the Cadian threads)

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Default Re: IG Minis?

You can still get valhallens and mordians etc. on hte GW web site, theyll cost you an arm and two legs though!
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Default Re: IG Minis?


You can still buy Tallarns on the online store, and in some GW stores. It's 20 for a squad (10 men) which includes a Sergeant, plasmagun and a missile launcher. As for Valhallans the majority of their stuff is in the Classics & Collectors section on the online store, or you can buy a box set of Valhallans for 37 where basically you get some, random, pointless units.

As for Mordians, Steel Legion and the other regiments they are C&C models, so a single Mordian would cost you 2.50! :sadnshocked:
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Default Re: IG Minis?

I know, I was thinking about collecting Steel Leigon but the prices are ridiculous so I reconsidered

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