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Nightmare 23 Oct 2006 10:46

Suicidal bayonet charge of death!
Now then, this is something that perked up in a conversation with anton one time. A massed assault with lasgun weilding imperial guardsmen. To me, a tank player, it sounds very interesting, and he worked up a list at 1000 points, 95 men and a basilisk.

Personally, i don't think thats enough, and it seems to strange, Im wanting to do an army like this, but bassed on the charges of WW1. He's doing it cause he likes the sound of a huge army of DoK. I see a few flaws:

1- there only t3, and with a poor save. and no reall skills in assault, just massed numbers.

2- very few stationary units (if any) to provide fire support.

3- Not enough heavy stuff

4- likely to get butchered in assault

5- how on earth are we (or he) going to fit 100+ models on a board? in a 12" deployment zone, without being nuked in the first turn?

General Stupidity 23 Oct 2006 15:04

Re: Suicidal bayonet charge of death!
awww... how nice of you. :P

I've had experience with 'sheer numbers' Guard, back in my early days in the hobby I had 200+ Cadians. 'Sheer number' Guard armies do work, first off is the psychological impact, I mean c'mon 95 models in 1000pts on a 4x4 board! Any sane Human would be soiling themselves (I would!)

What you forget is yeah I don't have any heavy weapons, but I do have 95 Guardsmen wielding lasguns! If I can get a healthy portion into rapid fire were looking at 100+ lasgun shots!

As for getting butchered in assault, it's unlikely. I'm more likely to get butchered from bolter, pulse rifles etc... I don't know any other race that can take 95 units in 1000pts? Anyway that's why I have the indirect bassie! Lob shells at stuff I feel will put the squeeze on my army.

Plus at the store I go to the boards always have a decent amount of cover, I would try this army in CoD, god that would ROCK! :rockon:

P.S: Yeah, a huge DKoK army is cool! plus I wanna have a HUGE army again, I mean I just want to feel that feeling again, 80 Guardsmen in rapid fire lasgun range, placing 100+ men on the table top as your opponent says "How many!?" ...ahhh the nostalgia. :P

Thanks for showing concern (sort of) ;)

Genmotty 23 Oct 2006 18:56

Re: Suicidal bayonet charge of death!
I agree with Anton.

My guard army is massive but I only use about 110 in larger battles. When you have the numbers your opponent just can't kill you fast enough and hopfully you will just overwhelm him/her with a mass fusillade of laz fire follwed up with a bayonet charge. If you can put the conscripts at the flanks you can scare your opponent with psychology because he/she might mistake the crapo conscripts for normal guardsmen.

as for the heavy weapons...thats what sentinels and those special weapons in the squads are for...take enough meltas and it don't matter that he/she has got a bloodthirster...its still going down.

On the pie plates of doom front...err...luck of the dice and spreaded deployment so he/she can't wipe a platton in one with a lucky submunition.

crisis_vyper 23 Oct 2006 19:11

Re: Suicidal bayonet charge of death!
I have seen 100+ guardsmen in a 1000 pts game, and each of them backed up by a leman russ and basilisk and heavy weapons team.

It is very powerful, but yet cumbersome.

bun drone 23 Oct 2006 20:56

Re: Suicidal bayonet charge of death!
A swarm of basic Termagaunts, gaunt-per-gaunt, is about the same cost per Guardsman as a standard Infantry Squad... and as shooty as Termagaunts are, they are there to bog down the enemy's killing units while allowing the killing Tyranid units to strike mortal blows. Unlike a Lascannon in the hands of a regular Guardsman, your boggy tar pit Termagaunt unit is not there to win a fight... they are more preventative & harassing.

That being said, there are no swarms of Genestealers or Raveners backing up an initial Guardsman bayonet charge... but Gaunts don't necessarily have to hold up enemy units that they are assaulting for a killing blow to that specific unit either - they just have to soak up hits/block firing lanes with Assault and die well for the good of the team, whether that swarm of Gaunts is avenged or not.

I'm not sure why I mention this. Maybe if you can equate your basic Infantry Squad or Conscript Platoon to your "tar pit" Termagaunt or Spinegaunt swarm, it might be easier to rationalize tactics for such an army.

MikeH 23 Oct 2006 21:10

Re: Suicidal bayonet charge of death!
wow, I know I'd be crapping myself....

Firewarrior26 23 Oct 2006 21:24

Re: Suicidal bayonet charge of death!
well, just look at 100+ guardsman from you tiny models point of view...

its alot of guns, and angy humies

Nightmare 23 Oct 2006 21:28

Re: Suicidal bayonet charge of death!
and theres the fact that it will play fluffy as well, huge amounts of troops that im not going to be able to control well (ill forget to move most, and don't bother to fire the other half).

RicoLousianna 23 Oct 2006 22:59

Re: Suicidal bayonet charge of death!
I tried all 1k point list of just guardsmen when i first started playing IG, jesus christ it was a massacre I think I almost cried. 3 Necron Wraiths wiped out everything. To be fair my opponent was rolling like a god passing every god damn armor save.

Terminatus 24 Oct 2006 00:14

Re: Suicidal bayonet charge of death!
95 guardsman chargin is possibly the manliest thing to see in 40k

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