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I need help with doctrines!
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Old 17 Oct 2006, 21:02   #1 (permalink)
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Default I need help with doctrines!

Now then, before you get in a big huff and start sharpening your knives, id just like to point out that:


im wanting to use them for charachtful ideas...

Put simply im wanting to get a change of pace from my usual tank and Grenadier combo (im enjoying the tau massively, just as a side project though) and wanting to go for a more feral, civilrous knight army. But one that has had modern ideas given to them... like guns... and things that go BANG!

My only problem is that infantry in guard armies seem to be there for the heavy weapons and nothing more. Likea model with a heavy bolter and 9 additional wounds. And they tend to be fairly static. Im wanting to change them to be a more aggressive army, but rather than going to SMs, modify the list with the doctrines.

Now you see my slight problem, imperial guard are about the heavy stuff, and the ferals don't seem to want to learn how to build tanks, and the WYSIWIG rule menas that i have to represent things without proxying things.

My doctrines that ive thought of:

Hardened fighters (to represent their fighting ability, although it may not matter)
rough riders (come on! does this need an explanation?)
Close order drill (hey, its free, and could be used to represent the roman formations in the future)

And im undecided on:


Help would be very appreciated on both modelling terms and army list terms!
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Default Re: I need help with doctrines!

I think Priests would be good, chivalrous and all. If your seriously going for a knight-type, then carapace would be excellent.

If there are any more free upgrades and you've got a DP, use it. No point in not.
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Old 17 Oct 2006, 21:26   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: I need help with doctrines!

im just worried about what weapons to take thats all, fluff wise and model wise. I just don't won't to plonk a unit of converted bretons and then a leman russ or two!

Also carapce + hardened fighters will tkae its toll on my points
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Default Re: I need help with doctrines!

If you're want chivlarous and feral, but still have weapons that go boom and a good mix of shootying and stabbing you may want to try death korps of krieg. They've got this ww1 victorian thing going on, a period in time when cavalry charges where still used, and infantry where trained in CC just as much as in shooting. But they still had tanks and machine guns and just about anything. Tweek it a little(pre ww1 for more feral, post or ww2 for less) and you can have anything you want. If you dont particularly like the gloomy side of death korps maybe you could make up your own trench regiment, that still has the whole chivalry factor in(for example all officer are of royal blood), but is more feral.

I completely understand what you mean by the 10 wound heavy weapon, to be honest its the only way to make guard effective. But i've given up on effectiveness and i dont usually give my normal squads heavy weapons anymore. I simply stick to a vox caster pistol&CC sergeant and a grenade launcher. The grenade launcher may not be as deadly as a melta or plasma gun, but its very fluffy. It still gives you a good range(which meltas dont) and lets you fire and charge(which plasmas dont) for those glorious bayonet charges. Keep the heavy weapons in dedicated support squads, its more expensive, but its fluffier. You can have heavy bolters be maxim style machine guns, autocannons be 38mm heavy machine guns, lascannons 50mm AT cannons(although these are ww2, not 1) missile launchers can just be missile launchers like bazookas or panzershreks(but again, ww2) and mortars are mortars.

As to doctrines:
Rough riders: This is obvious
Close Order Drill: Highly disciplined soldiers with a good sense of order and pride.
Iron Discipline: Officers raised from birth to be leaders in the emperors glorious army or charistmatic knights.

I'd recommend maybe heavy weapon platoons to give you even more concentrated support batteries. If you're going very feral you may want to give this one a miss, and relly more on melta guns to pop tanks. In which case veterans or stormtroopers would be a good idea.
Hardened fighters would also be a good idea if your army is feral enough to focus more on CC than on shootying, if they are still in medievel technology. This will make them fluffier, but i doubt it'll be worth its points on the battle field(except on command squads with powerswords and plenty of CCWs)
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Old 18 Oct 2006, 06:10   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: I need help with doctrines!

hmm, youve given me plenty to mull over for today...

A ww1/fuedal army....

not bad idea
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Old 18 Oct 2006, 17:40   #6 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: I need help with doctrines!

Minus the Carapace (which I would still love to model as primitive Plate Armour, especially given all the nice Fantasy figures), I would imagine something like "Braveheart"... thus, more feral & maybe a bit more bold (not necessarily more chivalrous). Sorry, I picture these things relative to movies to make it easier for me... and I would still love to field a Warrior Weapons army with Catachans & Chaos Marauders basically bashed together into something semi-reasonable.

Priests seems like a no-brainer with Hardened Fighters, just beard-y-wise (if you're going to take Hardened Fighters, might as well make the CC Command Squads hit better & harder). They also fit with the Braveheart theme... not necessarily AS Priests, but as Eviscerator/Claymore-wielding rabble rousers a la William Wallace who lead from the front and whip their men into English-fightin' rage.

From a rules-y standpoint, I think I would rather have Veterans for the additional stuff that they bring to the table (Infiltration, specifically)...

Die Hards makes for another "good" fluffy cc choice to fit a Feral-but-Motivated army... and would probably be indispensible to a "Braveheart" theme, IMO... with "Iron Discipline" being very non-theme-y when it comes to Scottish Clansmen.

"Iron Discipline" might work with a Roman Legion feral setup, however. Get your Cohorts to line up and die in the right way, and all that.
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