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Catachan patrol force
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Default Catachan patrol force

heres my catchan patrol force tell me what you think

i know its not legal according to the standard FOC but it is only a patrol and recon force

Sly Marbo
3x Snipers
2x demo soldiers
2x 5 man patrol squads, 1 squad is- 2 heavy flamers/ 3 las gun troops
The other- 2 flamers/ 2 shotguners and a sarge with plasma pistol and sword
2x 3 man trap team (my own team), 1 squad sets up two traps per man, and are armed with lasguns and the sarge of each has a bolt pistol and sword

im still working Pts for the trap team as such i cant give you exact pts and also different traps are different pts, what do you think
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Default Re: Catachan patrol force

hmmm... let me seeee... yeah i think it whould be alright (mainly cause it has sly :P) and will require many a tactic to use but nothing an experience gammer can't handle... yeah i think that list would work nicely although i've kinda forgotten what sly does.. (where is he again)

EDIT: i just looked at sly and yeah it should work good like....

but i don't play IG so...
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