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Having trouble with IG
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Default Having trouble with IG

Having browsed some tactics and sch recently, I find that my main problem with making an IG list is the fact I have been doing marines for the last 2 years. So I am having some difficulty adjust and to create an effective list.

My main problem is I don't know how to equip regular platoon squads effetively, and what are good points cost per unit to stick around. Also, i have had trouble with figuring out roles and uses for elites units and how to effectively use a command squad. A lot of problems in general. I feel that once I grasp all these points, I will have at least some basic understanding of Imperial Guard Tactics.

Also, i would like some basic info on what types of units I should use and such based on my tactics and such. Honestly, I'm looking for a cityfight army here, and would like it to be effective at cityfights. I also am split between a mobile guard army and a more defensive shooty list, or a drop troops list. All three hold appeal to me, but I'm not sure which would be most effective in cityfight, or if there is a better type that would be better in cityfight. Models and stuff are no restrictions-I have not yet bought any IG.

I've always wanted to start a IG army, and nows my chance. I'd really appreciate it if you guys could help me out. Thanks in advanced.
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Default Re: Having trouble with IG

I can't give you much detail on the platoon front, because i play a grenadier/tank army. But i highly recomend that you take the stormtroopers and kit them out with two plasma guns and a chimera, very fast when needed and dishes out a fair bit of punishment!

Also, for the command platoon, i take four flamers and a junior officer, deep strike them with the drop troops doctrine and flame things to hell! a tad cheesy, but cool when it works!
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Having trouble with IG

I'm not a cityfight player (yet)... I hear Equipment: Cameleoline is nice, adding 1 to your Cover saves. Makes the humble guardsmen into fierce opponents in urban settings.

Your regular line infantry squads are probably the best place to put things like Lascannons (as compared to Command squads or Anti-Tank squads)... really, your regular infantryman is the meat of your army with Imperial Guard. If you're worried about putting "too many points" into Troops choices as Guard, then you're probably looking at it from a Space Marine player's perspective & not a Guardsman perspective. Really, a Lascannon in the hands of a humble Guardsman is probably going to survive far longer into a fight than the 1-3 Lascannon sponsons on a tooled-up Leman Russ.

There are many ways to handle Command squads... but mostly in opposite ways compared to what Space Marine HQ units would be specialized for. Use Command squads for the command bubble... or to throw at dangerous units that get too close to your lines. They are not massively dangerous units compared to a tooled up Space Marine HQ squad... Guardsmen in fight-y Command units are mostly more like a last line of defense before enemy units get into Assault range & massacre your infantry lines.

Or, just put minimal points into Command units (maybe a Mortar or Hvy Bolter to avoid attracting too much attention), and use the Command squads for the command bubble/don't waste too many points on Veteran Sgts for static line infantry.
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Default Re: Having trouble with IG

squads: equip them with weapons that compliment each other and will be hitting similar targets. an autocannon teams up nicely with a grenade launcher as they are ideal for hitting light vehicles. a lascannon pairs off well with a meltagun for taking out heavy infantry. a flamer is good anywhere and useful in cityfight.

elites: i dont think stormtroopers are very good - except with the previously mentioned plasma combo. its hard to use plasguns anywhere else but that extra point of armor makes me a little more confident giving it to stormies. really Veterans are the best elite squad IMO. 3 special weapons and a heavy weapon all hitting on a 3+ is very nice, plus the sarge can be turned into a close combat monster with a powerfist and honorifica, and still be 'hidden' by the squad as he is not an independant character - if you use voxcasters then he can be a backup leader too.

tanks: hellhounds are good city fighters, and demolishers dominate half a board in enclosed city-type terrain.

command squads:
equipping these has been a puzzle for me. it seems there are a three approaches -

one where you just kind of write them off as a mandatory waste of points and use them as a cheap suicide squad. say a J.O. and a couple of flamers, and the rest carrying ccw can be your counter-charge group. die hards is a nice little boost for a squad like this.

alternatively, you could turn them into a firebase - equipping a lot of special/heavy weapons and possibly sharpshooters doctrine. a J.O. with 2 heavy bolters is cheap and pretty dangerous. or a JO with 4 grenade launchers. the problem with this squad type is the lack of meatshield, but they can hit hard if you keep them alive.

finally, you could turn your HQ into the leadership bastion in your army - this approach I use a commissar attached, a standard, a medic, an HSO possibly with bionics or refrac field for even more survivability, a master vox, and some kind of special weapon - this gives you massive leadership with the combined commissar bonus, the reroll, the standard, and the vox will have your entire army pretty fearless. iron discipline doctrine goes well with this type of command squad. the problem with this squad is that, while it is pretty durable (well, for guard anyway) it just doesnt do a lot of damage and is a lot of points. it fits better in larger armies, where the points cost can be rationalized a bit better. a 200+ point HQ providing leadership for a hundred or more guardsmen is more cost-effective than a 200+ point HQ providing leadership for a 25 man platoon and an armored fist.

finally, although it takes a bit of time modelling, if you have extra points to spend here and there to fill in the gaps, upgrading sergeants and giving them bolters is is always a good option, as is mounting track guards on vehicles - they can often deny victory points for imobilizing tanks - even if you dont plan on moving the tanks, track guards can save a lucky shot giving an opponent a lot of points.
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Default Re: Having trouble with IG

I speak for troops only
The guard is NOT assaulty nothing is 'uber' elites die as easy as standard guard. Be prepared for anyone to die and plan your army that way

I like to spit my platoons with having one setup static like a firebase with autocannons + Gnade launchers

and others as cheap firing line dudes no heavy weapons + flamers/meltas (meltas aren't cheap but they stop nasty bloodthirsters, necron lord etc...

I set them up to be special weapon based and assault if need be. I use them along side elites as a crowd which trys to overcome a flank...

Keep them next to your HQ

Hope that helps
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Default Re: Having trouble with IG

I have two IG armies with two very different flavors:

First army has grenadier doctrine for 3 squads of infantry each with flamer and grenade launcher vet SGT with power weapons and pistol, a CC command squad with medic master vox net, and all CCW and powerweapons, tanks x3, hellhounds x2 and 2 chimeras. Oh and a sentinell and vet squad armed with plasma and melta. 1 lascannon squad, 1 ML squad, and sometimes a mortar squad just for frustration. All non-grenadiers have carapace, sharp shooter, and iron dicipline. All have vox.

The squads have nothing heavy so they can move behind the tanks and still shoot without having to stop a turn. It is an army divided between manuver and support by fire elements.

The second army has no elites squads at all. It consists of a command squad and 2 HB squads, and eventually 6 squads. Each squad will have either an autocannon or a HB embedded in the squad. The only doctrines are close order drill, sharp shooter and iron discipline. I run 1 tank, 1 sentinel equivelent, and 2 basillisk.

This army sits and shoots...hopefuly in nice city cover. It doen't manuver at all aside from some tank and sentinel repositioning.

In the first army, the troops are there to take objectives or try to keep enemy with anti tank stuff away from the tanks. It moves alot and the infantry rarely survive the game. The tanks win or the army looses.

The second army presents massed firepower. the infantry die like flies, but there are enough of them to keep on shooting. The theory is the more dice the enemy uses to save the move saves he will fail. I usually deploy the infantry 6" in cover also; this way they stay safe from direct fire until the enemy is within 24" and I can move forward and fire in the next turn.

Two schools of thought. If you want to manuver, you'll need beefed up squads with assault weapons rather than heavy, and plenty of armor to keep them in the fight. If you want to shoot, you'll need each squad to act as a meatshield for heavy weapons in order to keep them in the game longer to have an effect.

These are the two main themes for IG: tanks tanks tanks, or troops troops troops. I have one each and neither is better, just different.

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Default Re: Having trouble with IG

In platoons you generaly want heavy weapons and special weapons,the cost with out doctrines is between 60 to 100pts I would say,also depending on your leadership,either vox networks or vet sgts..But in city fight it is wise to take speical weapons only like flamers,grenade launchers,meltas,plasma guns.
HQs are there for leadership.Iron discipline(Doctrine)helps,sometimes they make them assaulty others just tag on heavys weapons and sit.

I don't like storm troopers either but once and a while I use them to infiltrate ambush and maybe capture objectives.Veterans are more worth it,they can take a heavy weapon with there improved BS it helps,and can take 3 special weapons(provided no heavy weapon),most comon I've seen is 3 plasma guns plus sarge with a power weapon of smoe sort and a plasma pistol.And I use one with a lascannon plasma gun and laspistol too.Vet doctrine I like to take :P
You generally use these guys as tank busters,ambushers,take and holders or sometimes big HQ objectives.

Hell hounds and sentinels are really the only tanks you want in city fight.
You should have no heavy weapons really in city fight besides a few mortars.But a few heavy bolters would hurt.Vox networks maybe.

most people use there squads to cover one another,one advances,other fires and sometimes use the PHQ as a counter assault measure.Some times if you got enough terrain they set up kill zones and choke points with there squads(pretty nasty too),then the other is stand and shoot,and another is assaulty.

Well drop troops in a city fight is not fluffy(them hitting buildings and such)mobile force is a death trap considering its a vehicle in a city and most peopel pack flamers,and plasmas/meltas.A general force would be on foot defensive ly a bit in city fight.
You never want to charge unless you have too(Mostly not at all)better to hit and run plus where down the enemy form afar.Shooting is the key most of the time.
If you want a moblie force you got a mechanised doctrine plus a armoured fist squads helps(you have to have a platoon for each one though).
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Default Re: Having trouble with IG

I like to keep my infantry squads mobile and just give them a special weapon, I cover their moves with Fire support squads with auto cannons or heavy bolters. My army is cities of death, you can move infantry up behind tanks, hellhounds or chimera, light vehicals, which black line of sight and get your men within rapid fire range, they can be effective and they will be the first sheild against any assault units

Then get an elite squad like storm troopers or vets or both to move forward and take objectives, your fire support squads and a leaman russ can provide cover

I like to have about six infantry squads between two platoons, hellhound, Leman Russ, two fire support teams and a Storm trooper squad, sometimes in a chimera

this is 1500pts depending on how I shift this I can include another Leman Russ
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Default Re: Having trouble with IG

mortars are good for cityfight. Don't need LOS.
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Default Re: Having trouble with IG

Originally Posted by Shas'Vre GeekyGator
mortars are good for cityfight. Don't need LOS.
I've yet to see mortars as anything beyond an irratant for the owner. Without LOS, you are talking 2d6 scatter, and all that for maybe 2 or 3 hits at strength 4. Not going to do much to anyone in a building.

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