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conversion parts
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Default conversion parts


im thinking of starting a small IG army. i want to make them original so i was going to change all the heads. Something like the head off this commander would be the sort of ting i would go for.
but anything not over the top would be good (i want it to be an alteration not a focus point). yeah so if anyone knows some plastic heads that fit the profile could u post a link. thanks

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Default Re: conversion parts

i may be wrong but should this be in the hobby section?

maybe the elector(sp?) count from empire range, but they are metals so would cost a lot
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Default Re: conversion parts

There's a head similiar to that on the Empire militia sprue. If you want a slightly different fantasy look you could try ordering these:

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Default Re: conversion parts

You can get Necromunda Van Saar heads from the Classic Models and Specialty Games catalog. They're 3 for a dollar and they're metal. I own the catalog so if you want I can just give you the part number for them.

If you're not famaliar with Necromunda at all the Van Saar models have beards and I personally think they make good heads for commanders but could be really cool to just add here and there throughout your army.
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Default Re: conversion parts

Or just go around your local club and ask, or alternatively suggest a trading/ swap meet at your local club and get people to bring along their bitz boxes
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Default Re: conversion parts

Originally Posted by Falstead
There's a head similiar to that on the Empire militia sprue. If you want a slightly different fantasy look you could try ordering these:

ive seen that before, a guy on a website wanted to make his IG more WW1 so he put on bretonnia man at arms heads, and i have to say, it looks cool.

i like that idea...i think i might do that. ;D
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