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special weapons
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Default special weapons

do you think it is wise to use j.o. command squads as special weapon squads, filling out all 4 troopers with plas or whatever, or do you think it would just be too much of a target? i just got a bunch of old guardsmen with plasguns and i wonder if it is commonly done - putting every special assault weapon you can into your JO command squad mandatory for the grunt platoon.... thoughts?
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Default Re: special weapons


Well my guard are a bit plasma crazy (due to my army's fluff). So, in every JO squad and infantry platoon I have all plasma guns. I take some lascannons in squads because you can't really trust in plasma to take out tanks.

So I think it's a great idea for anti-power armour, or if you take melta guns anti-anything!

But if you want special weapons in JO squads give your normal squads some special weapons first and your opponent won't know what to shoot at.

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Default Re: special weapons

Well, I usually throw in three plasmaguns in my JO squads, and I use a medic
in them as well, for survivability.
But the use depends on what opponent I'm facing.

Eldar/Dark Eldar/Orcs/Nids/Guard: All stormbolters
Any Marines/Necrons/Chaos: Plasma+medic
Tau, Autocannon+Grenade launchers

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Default Re: special weapons

I'm a mix between Melta + Gnade launcher. However for the standard squads flamers are more use...

(Note: lots of meltas mean even big nasty bloodthisters are scared of getting in CC)
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Default Re: special weapons

meltas and flamers are also good if you use the drop-troop doctrine. Drop in and light stuff up.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: special weapons

Flamers, meltas and grenade launchers make the special weapons teams in my army..auto hit with a flamer with only a bs of 3 is very handy ;D
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