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Detachment D-99 - Anyone use the list?
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Default Detachment D-99 - Anyone use the list?

Hi all,

Recently got a copy of IA4 for my birthday; I mostly wanted it for the giant gribbly 'nids, but I found my interest piqued by the D-99 list. I've loved the Elysian models since they were released, and it seems like a good way to make a relatively cheap () army (relatively being the operative word; I've priced up one 1500pt list, and...well, it wasn't pretty).

So, does anyone have any experience with the list? How it performs? It's got some interesting strengths and weaknesses, being mostly made of Hardened Veterans and close air support. I think it'd be fun, if nothing else, and there's the opportunity to paint lots of those oh so pretty FW sculpts.

And if anyone *has* done a D-99 army, how did you do that strange eau-de-nil colour on the body armour? I'm doing my swede trying to figure that out..
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Default Re: Detachment D-99 - Anyone use the list?

I've been looking at it. I have seen someone make a list, I will try to find it and post it here or put a link to it.

As far as making an army from it, I really think it will work on a smaller scale due to the cost of the list and the eliteness of it.

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