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Kroot Warrior
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Default renegades

what can the imperal guards be renegades of.
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Default Re: renegades

Renegades of Funk?

...Not sure what you're asking.

There's Traitor Guard like the Blood Pact, and Penal Legions like 13th Legion... is that what you're thinking about?
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Default Re: renegades

I'm sure you mean what races can the Imperial Guard (i.e. Humans) serve under?

Well, fortunately for us, the gamers, the Warhammer 40,000 universe is so vast, it's easy for us to justify something. For example, most people assume that a lasbolt is a red/pink colour, because that's what the game Dawn Of War has shown us. But, it's really easy for you to just invent your own planet, who produces lasguns that shoot a blue lasbolt, for example. You can easily create your own justification for many things in the warhammer universe, as long as it isn't too far fetched.

In terms of what race they Imperial Guard can be loyal to, or fight for, requires a bit of thinking. The Damocles crusade provides an easy excuse for Imperial Guard to be loyal to Tau, but you could just as easily say the Tau have invaded a planet that they needed, whether it have a certain material or mineral, whatever. Then, the Tau captured some Imperial Guardsmen as prisoners, and these ex-guardsmen were given the choice; either become loyal to the Greater Good and live a full life, or be executed/Prisoners Of War.

Obviously, Imperial guard couldn't be soldiers for the Tyranids or the Orks, as the Tyranids would completely consume everything alive, while the Orks urge to kill and destroy would be too strong anyways. ^-^

Most importantly, humans serve themselves. It's very fun to have an army based on piratical Imperial Guardsmen. Men without masters, roaming the stars, pillaging and attacking whomever they see. Tales of space pirates are always popular ones.

All it takes is a little thoughtful thinking, and some common justification. If you need anymore help, just ask.
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Default Re: renegades

The only rule with space pirates is you have to model mustaches and eye patches for them, using green stuff. Its a rule. Look it up.
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Default Re: renegades

or maybe a human race that has been unencountered (?) by the imperium, they are so far away from the boundries of the imperium they have not been discovered, or maybe a they are a people who do not directly serve under the imperium but will occasionally ally with them when it suits their needs. the are many possibilities
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