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Rorian IX Campaign (Task Force Serpent)
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Default Rorian IX Campaign (Task Force Serpent)

The Rorian system has always been one of great controversy throughout the Imperium. While it has often been a major trading center, it has also been known to consort with vile xenos. Finally, the planet has succumbed to open rebellion against the Imperium. While loyalist cells still remain, and still aid the Imperial forces, the planet needs to be retaken. After the Imperial victory on Medusa V, a sign of weakness is the last thing that we need. Unfortunately, due to the relative isolation of Rorian IX, as well as the massive reorganization that needs to take place for Imperial units after Medusa V, exterminatus is out of the question.

The High Lords of Terra, in their wisdom, have decided to launch a concentrated strike against Rorian IX. They will be using the most elite and organized Imperial Army in the Eastern Fringe. Task Force Serpent. While the bulk of the army group has been shattered by loss, it remains a very powerful and devout force. With renowned fighters in renowned regiments, it has already begun to strike fear into the Rorian military.

Is the fate of Rorian IX sealed by the entrance of such a powerful force? Or do the rebels and their xenos allies have the resolve to defeat the Emperor's Toughest?

This is a campaign in the making ...if you are interested in helping ... please sign up at our forums.

Thats right ... its Task Force Serpent ... heroes of Battlefield Hydra ...
http://medusav.us.games-workshop.com...voxcaster6.htm (some background info)

[If i broke any rules or if this isnt the right section, forgive my ignorance]
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