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Best Doctrines for Skitarii?
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Old 23 Sep 2006, 02:42   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default Best Doctrines for Skitarii?

Page 121 of the BBB mentions the Skitarii, the infantry regiments of the Adeptus Mechanicus. They are described as having basic cybernetic upgrades, but as still bein mostly human. Also, they are described as being as well equipped as IG Stormtroopers or Drop Legions.

I am torn on where to spend my 5 points, here.

A couple of options:

Techpriest Engineseer
Storm Trooper Squads
Iron Discipline


Carapace Armor
Chem Inhalers

or any other number of permutations, really. The idea behind the Chem-Inhalers is that what constitutes "basic upgrades" to the AM is probably quite different to what most Imperials would consider it to be Also, it would give me a neat opportunity to make heavy weapon teams little more than servitors plugged straight into their weapons. Suffice to say this Guard army would look a lot different than your standard fare.

I also considered adding in Ogryns (substituting some cybernetic/robotic critters) or adding in Daemonhunters with Daemonhosts (same as above) or even GKs (this depends largely on whether i think the GKs would come along with this army, fluff-wise).

Thoughts? This is going to be a giant conversion project, but I really like the prospects.

*scours ebay for those AM models that came out a few years back*
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Default Re: Best Doctrines for Skitarii?

Well Enginseers are a must

Cybernetics fits in fluff wise as dose carapace... this will make for a very hard army to kill compared to other IG armies.

Chem-inhalers are sweet ideas but might put the cost/squad over what you really want it to be.

I suggest
-Iron disciplin
-Chem inhalers

Mechanised fits in as well and will make for a hard hitting regiment, that will be a bitch to kill
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Old 23 Sep 2006, 03:17   #3 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Best Doctrines for Skitarii?

Hmm, well if I take Iron Discipline instead, i could swap the inhalers out for Carapace. I like the mechanised thing, and think it will work quite well with the fluff. Another thought I had was to sneak Sharpshooters in if I didn't use Grenadiers. I might even drop Cybernetics at that point and use the metal limbs and such to justify the 4+ carapace save (after all, buying that many models that actually have Carapace is going to leave my wallet screaming for mercy).

Thanks for the reply. I had only kindof toyed with the mechanised option, but I really think I could make it work.
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Old 23 Sep 2006, 07:59   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: Best Doctrines for Skitarii?

Mechanised will cut down how much you need to spend on troops as well for higher point games.

On average sharpshooters won't make back their points over a squad that dosn't have it. The extra cost of it boosts your squads cost to 80 points with just that and that means an extra 20 points you need to make back on that squad for them to be effective.
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Default Re: Best Doctrines for Skitarii?

I'd sayyy, for sake of fluff, the following are most important:

* Carapace Armour, Cybernetic Enhancement, Sharpshooters

All justified by extensive cybernetic work. Targetters, steel platings, bionic arms/legs and whatever else. There shouldn't be a more heavily equipped army around...and while this makes your units obscenely expensive, it does look very cool and if you're worried about fluff, then that's all you need to care about.

The rest are simply weapon options depending on what you want: Drop Troops, Mechanised, Ogryns (for Praetorians) or Special Weapon/Heavy Weapon teams. Just take what you like. I actually don't think you need Enginseers...you simply won't ever use them unless you take loads of vehicles. It's easier to take Inquisitors and model them as Tech-Priests to get what you want...and that allows you the chance for pretty much anything at all you want using 'counts as' rules. Want Battle Servitors? Take yourself some in his Retinue with some other Tech Servitors and so forth...the options are endless there for conversions.
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Old 24 Sep 2006, 18:59   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: Best Doctrines for Skitarii?

If I may throw a spanner into the works:

Go for slave levies instead of carapace or cybernettics. It costs the same as carapace, but is much more effective in my oppinion. Although it decreases the mobility of the units, it actually increases your heavy weapons' mobility. Also it isn't compulsory and does a better save against heavy bolters etc than carapace. You can reasin that all of the cybernettic enhancements and genetic mods gave made them a lot more resiliant to actual damage.

So here goes:
Slave Levies
ab humans (to allow the above)
enginseers (come on, a must)
sharpshooters (a must for the added targeting)
mechanised (to make up for slower speed of movement)

I think that that should save you a few point and make your guys a bit more effective in battle.

Good luck

Chimeras Forever!
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