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Steel legion
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Default Steel legion

I have a question. Is steel legion a good imp army.
I was thinking of staring one and i am a bit afraid of starting one and to find out that it sucks. i know that the squads can become a bit expensive with all there chimeras. But i like the style of them and i love the models.

So what is your opinion, are they good or are they bad?
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Default Re: Steel legion

It might be a bit late for Steel Legion now mate? I believe that GW has pulled them of the store shelves and the Online store too!!!

Here, have a look for yourself!

As for your question, Imperial Guard in my opinion, aren't bad at all! It depends on the player really, not the army.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Steel legion

I was going for that army but then realized you don't get to play with allot of models in a 1000pt match. Plus chimeras suck ass with there armour and your squads get tied up all the time or just die when they blow up. It's not fun watching that happen to your troops.
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