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Malokasky 2nd, "Emperor's Shields"
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Default Malokasky 2nd, "Emperor's Shields"

I have finally started my armored company. Woot! Now, despite my already cool(ish) army, I have decided to start a new regiment completely. I came up with the Malokasky 2nd.
Here are some pre-pics, via DoW.

Officer/Tank Commander scheme (note that mine will not be Steel Legion)

Armored Fist scheme

Sentinel scheme

And my tank scheme

Fluffyness goes like this:
The planet of Malokask is besieged in a worldwide civil war. The combatants are the Malokasky PDF and the Republic of Thermine (RoT). Led by High General Reynold Kole, the Malokasky PDF have been holding of the RoT for a hundred years. Fortunately, the Malokasky have a large amount of tanks at their disposal, and thus, they have many armored regiments.

My army will focus on the 2nd regiment, "Katarn's Commandoes", led by General Balfour Ottokar.

Questions? I will put up some lists in the next week or so.
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Default Re: Malokasky 2nd, "Emperor's Shields"

How did you get those models in DoW?

As for the grey, print out a pic of what you want (color wise) and take it to a paint shop. Get a Pint of the custom paint to that color. You may not be able to return it, but if you have a whole army, you probably won't need to.
Originally Posted by Komrad
By the Holy Beard of the Prophet!
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