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Light Infantry...
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Light Infantry...

Infiltrate is great, but lets face it; our guys arent exactly the Emperors finest. So whats the best way to take advantage of this doctrine? Anyone have any useful tactics or tips?
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Default Re: Light Infantry...

Actually... this little beauty allows you to do ALOT!

It mean 90% of your force is deployed after your opponents (unless they play Alpha legion or light infantry). This means you can counter their set-up and force thier infiltrators (if you place first) back into their deployment zone.
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Default Re: Light Infantry...

Infiltrate works really well when playing with deployment zones in table quarters (CoD mostly). Being able to surround the enemy is both intimidating and opens up a lot of alleys of fire for you. Also, it allows you to spread out so those massacre moves don't always get you.
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Default Re: Light Infantry...

10-wound snipers. awesome.
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