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Taraxian Riflemen, First Regiment
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Default Taraxian Riflemen, First Regiment

This is based on the British riflemen of old. The scouts, skirmishers, and softeners for the heavy infantry. I chose to couple them with the Tarax Guard simply because they fit the British heavy infantry I envision.

Doctrines:Light infantry, Drop Troops, Cameloline, Veterans, Chem-inhalers

In the early days of the Third Armagedon war the Terax guard witnessed the benefis of Taniths First and Only and the Chem-dogs. During the times that followed men were 'recruited' from the dregs of Terax society, given the simple option of joining in this new specialised group, or face punishment for the crimes they stood accused of.

It was obvious that even after the rigors of training this regiment would lack in discipline known in the Imperial Guard. In the end it was agreed that these men would be assigned a fledgling Junior Officer, and the regiment was allowed a carte blanke when it came to war.

During their training, which included time in Catachan jungles, Tallarn deserts, and the Valhallan ice. They soon became known for their marksmanship by all these regiments.

Disdaining the bulky heavyweapons each squad was given snipers, a lesser investment in the Tarax eyes. These soldiers, outfitted with cameloline cloaks, and two units of sentinals saw their first tour on Medusa V before the hostilities broke out. During the campaign they lost many of their squads.

These grizzled veterans of many skirmishes left most in a state that was ill-desired. Many of the soldiers converted their rebreathers to dispense drugs, just so they wouldn't feel it when their battlebrother fell. Soon the whole of the regiment took up this behaviour. Even Lieutenant Maddox resorted to the drugs.

__________________________________________________ ________________

I'll post the list that I have for them. I hope this is a good bit of fluff for their purpose(and yes, the list is fairly purpose driven as well.)

Heres the link to the list, its a 1850/2000 list. http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=31979.0

EDIT:Link, and I realized that I didnt have the points for the sharpshooters. I figure that with drop troops the ability to put soldiers in reserve if I have to(like if the mission calls for an objective holding.)
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