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Would I be allowed to.....
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Default Would I be allowed to.....


I was just wondering, I'm gonna start my Terrax Guard shortly and what I wanted to ask was. Instead of using officers, could I use Commissars, to emphasise the fact that the planet Terrax is a major Schola Progenium site, and they train loads of Commissars and Storm Troopers.

So would exchanging officers for Commissars be a good idea? Fluff wise, and which units would best suit a Terrax Guard army?

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Default Re: Would I be allowed to.....

As long as the commies used officer rules(and stats) it's okay. I would play you man, your idea sounds kewl.


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Default Re: Would I be allowed to.....

Just model him as a Commissar and you'll be fine...as long as its clear to your opponent that he's your Heroic Senior Officer and not a Commissar, then it's no big deal.
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Default Re: Would I be allowed to.....

Maybe get a commie and add more, like make him look like a cross between commissar and officer, to represent he is much more than your average cofficer, maybe you could add a commie hat to the Cadian HSO, you could pull it off with the right amount of green stuff and a good colour scheme
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