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Your Army
Closed Thread
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Default Your Army

I want you armies Planet, Regiment, Segmentum of Origin, Commander, Nickname, Force Type, Preferred Warzone, Most Hated Enemy, Most Usual Ally, Battlecry...


Planet: Cygnar Secondus.

Regiment: 401[sup]st[/sup].

Segmentum Of Origin: Solar.


Commander: Major Jax Lycan.

Battlecry: For The Knights Of Cygnar, And For The Emporer!


Nicknames: Pyros.

Force Type: Cataphracts. (Heavy Tanks, Heavy Infantry.)

Preferred Warzone: Cityfight, Ash Wastes, Night Fighting.


Most Hated Enemy: Eldar

Most Usual Ally: WitchHunters, 723[sup]rd[/sup] Death Korps Of Krieg.


Thats my force.

For multiple Armies post a double horizontal rule inbetween.
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Default Re: Your Army


Planet: Catachan

Regiment: 2[sup]nd[/sup].

Segmentum Of Origin: What ever this is :P


Commander: Colonel 'DevilShard' Garrick

Battlecry: May the Jungle Consume you, For Catachan


Nicknames: The Stalkers, Ferox Silva Contego (Wild Jungle Warriors)

Force Type: Jungle fighters (Explosives, Flamers, Ambushers)

Preferred Warzone: Jungles (duh)


Most Hated Enemy: Kroot

Most Usual Ally: Keepers of Holy Terra 3[sup]rd[/sup] company Grey Knights

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Default Re: Your Army

Planet: Therendal

Regiment: 1st

Segmentum Of Origin: Obscurus?


Commander: Colonel Super Mutant (Don't ask)

Battlecry: Aaaagraargaahahahahshsgyy (general screaming)


Nicknames: None

Force Type: Advancing (rough riders, conscripts and tanks all moving)

Preferred Warzone: Mountainous


Most Hated Enemy: Tau

Most Usual Ally: Sons of Thoth (Space marine chapter)
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Dark Eldar are just not played, but they are doing fine, pirates love to be unseen, plus pirates have parrots.
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Default Re: Your Army

Planet: Tephra

Regiment: Tephran 72[sup]nd[/sup] Airborne

Segmentum of origen: Ultima Segmentum

Commander: Major General Ethen Ciroc

Battlecry: "Get some!"

Nicknames: Ashborne*

Force Type: Airborne Infantry (Light Infantry, Veterans)

Preferred Warzone: Between one and twelve inches away during my shooting phase.

Most Hated Enemy: Chaos

Most Usual Ally: Forgotten Suns [Space Marine Chapter (Played by Archive: Knowledge Seeker)]

*Attributed to the Forgotten Suns.
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Default Re: Your Army

Planet: Gailaith Prime
Regiment: 2[sup]nd[/sup]
Segmentum Of Origin: Nothern Ultima Segmentum
Commander: Th'hane (Captain) Irael Askarri
Battlecry: Swift as wind, sharp as ice!
Nicknames: Scimitars.
Force Type: Drop Troops, Heavy Infantry
Preferred Warzone: Nightfighting; terrain-intensive.
Most Hated Enemy: Inquisition
Most Usual Ally: Aegis Aurora Space Marines

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Default Re: Your Army

Planet: Genofia

Regiment: 23rd

Segmentum of Origin: Segmentum Obscurus (only about 700 ly galactic south away from Fenris)
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _________________

Commander: Colonel Sanders

Battlecry: Raauuugh! (all soldiers screaming at once)
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _________________

Nickname: (none)

Force Type: Heavy Infantry, Large amounts of Armored Vehicles

Preferred Warzone: Anywhere with some good firelanes
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _________________

Most Hated Enemy: The Orks

Most Usual Ally: Dark Angels or Spacewolves (rather ironic)
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Default Re: Your Army

Planet: Arkadia

regiment: first and only

segment of origin - don't know


Commander: Commander Taurus

For Arkadia (a cliche i know but still...)


Nickname: Battlebarge arkadia or battlestar arkadia*

Force type: drop troops, infantry heavy with veterans a plenty hardly any tanks

Preffered warzone: anywhere there are necrons


most hated enemy: Necrons (especially the deciever)

most likely to ally with: Ordo Xenos


*who can guess wht My army is based on?
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Hooray! We've corrupted Hadhfang ;D
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Default Re: Your Army


Planet: Catarn

Regiment: 1rst


Commander: HSO Devlin

Battlecry: Shoot them!

nickname: The Wardogs

Force type: Traditional (infantry backed with heavy weapons and tanks)

Preferred warzon: cover for us, none for them

most hated enemy: tau / nids

most likely to ally with: allies?
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Default Re: Your Army

Planet: Altyre
Regiment: Altyrian Light Infantry
Segmentum:Segment Obscurus
Commander: Master Chief Bun'al Du Altyre
Battle Cry: For Clan, For Honour, FOR ALTYRE!
Nickname: The Loch Ness Monsters, Celtic Madmen, Barbarians.
Force Type: Mainly Light Infantry with only one tank and a few sentinels.
Preferred Warzone: Mountain Ranges, Forests, anywhere remotely like the highlands of their home.
Preffered Enemy: Anyone who tresspases on their lands or threatens their lives
Usual Ally: The Imperium, Eldar or any other "good" aligned people who fight a common enemy to them.
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Default Re: Your Army

Planet: Galchin
Regiment: Galchinian 22nd
Segmentum: Solar

Commander: Colonel Agustus Kell
Battle Cry: For Galchin, For the Emperor.

Nickname: The Stalking Panthers, The Jungle Cats
Force Type: Infantry; Jungle Fighters
Preferred Warzone: Jungle

Preferred Enemy: Chaos, Tau
Usual Ally: Space Marines
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