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What is your armys style...
View Poll Results: What type of army do you have?
Mechanised Infantry (Tanks + Transports) 5 20.83%
Mobile Infantry (Transports, very few tanks/other vehicals) 0 0%
Foot slogger (lots of light infantry) 8 33.33%
Elite Troops (Lots of stormtroops) 5 20.83%
Static seige (Heavy weapons, The big guns) 6 25.00%
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Default What is your armys style...

What is the style of peoples armys? mine is a foot slogger...
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Default Re: What is your armys style...

Siege and Footsloggers... a cityfight force... hmmm, they so kick ass.
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Default Re: What is your armys style...

Foot sloggers and elites. Fear my Airborne Infantry!
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Default Re: What is your armys style...

i really cant answer this, (but i have) because i use tanks but not transport, and some infantry with lots of heavy weapons, and conscripts who are a meatshield (well at least i'm honest)
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Default Re: What is your armys style...

drop troops and vets no tanks, all infantry
Originally Posted by Yaifrog
Hooray! We've corrupted Hadhfang ;D
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Default Re: What is your armys style...

Siege by name, infantry horde by nature.
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Default Re: What is your armys style...

Footsloggers: lots of trackers scouts and mountain/forest fighters
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Default Re: What is your armys style...

DWV. light infantry jumping out of bushes, ambushing and all in all annoying the cr@p outta my opponent!
"And They Shall Know No Fear"
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