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battle report...guard on guard (pics)
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Default battle report...guard on guard (pics)

A typical 1750pt game last night between two completely different IG configurations. Mine based loosely on WW2 Panzer Gross Deutchland division, and his on WW1 English army.

At set up, the board was an open field dotted with rock outcrops and stands of trees. to the far end of the board was a steep slope punctuated by difficult cliffs and gullys.

At the beginning of turn 1 the board looks like:


I concentrated my army in 3 groups. the far group of infiltrated veterans 2 LR tanks, missile squad, and the hellhound to work with the central group (tank, lascannon squad, SHO + bodyguard) in crushing his right flank (tank, 2 special weapons teams, 2 squads infantry with lascannons, and HQ).

the near group (mortars, 2 chimeras and 3 grenadier squads) were to hold while I rolled his other flank. They faced 2 special weapons teams, a tank, 3 squads of infantry.


I differed to him to move first, knowing how aggressively he plays, and he obliged by attacking across the board.


On my right, he was obviously going to try and isolate my holding force. He began by destroying the hulldown chimera, killing 5 of the grenadiers inside, who promptly (dispite the vox net) failed their test and ran the 1" off the board. >


On my left (far end) he made little headway since he had no shots on other vehicles.

Turn 2 was more of the same with little progress on either side, but turn 3 opened up with my tactics of overwhelming his right flank with a more mobile and armored force bore fruit. the hellhound was stunned by lascannon, so would be out of action in turn 3.


My central group with LR and lascannons (along with my 2 tank on the left group) gave me a total of 6 shots on his lone tank, while his tank and 2 lascannons had to decide which of my remaining 5 vehicles needed attention most. Number told, and his tank went down.

central command:
left flank:

Meanwhile the far left infiltrating comminsariate veterans (first time surviving beyond turn 2) dispatched his heavyweapons team on the extreme end of the board, thus clearing the way for the tanks to move up and roll the flank.


Turn 4 saw his push on my right continue, now supported by the majority of his remaining army. However with his right being held by a single infantry squad with lascannon, a commisar, a special weapons team, and the remnant of his command group (lucky battlecannon shot took all but 2). The hellhound burned the special weapons team to their boots, and all was looking rosy for the rumbling panzers. Next turn, however, DOH!: Hellhound and far left panzer both fail terrain rolls are are immobilized!!! :


His central squad, supporting his push on my right began to take a toll on my grenadiers, thus I stormed out of hiding from my central location with the remaining chimera (safe now that his tanks were gone) and my reserve grenadier squad.


His high water mark on my right was when he got within flamer range and cooked the grenadiers off of their rocks. And thus the game ended. A victory for me, a good game all around, and definatily fun.


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Default Re: battle report...guard on guard (pics)

Nicely played.

What were those tanks that were Russ's without their main cannon supposed to represent?

And at the end of the game, why were they both facing with their rear armor at the enemy?
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Default Re: battle report...guard on guard (pics)

the first tanks in WW1,he said the guy had a ww1 themed army,british,they got the first tank and it looked like that a little bit.So it was a russ just a little different in the game
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Default Re: battle report...guard on guard (pics)

Nice game. I liked your opponent's army.

Great job man.
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Default Re: battle report...guard on guard (pics)

you both had cool distinct armies, I liked both theme's and a guard vs guard report, very cool
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Default Re: battle report...guard on guard (pics)

i like the theme of both armies. good job on the ww1 tank look alike!

but GD camo wasn't a red and yellow!
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Default Re: battle report...guard on guard (pics)

Originally Posted by ByTheBloodOfSanguinius
i like the theme of both armies. good job on the ww1 tank look alike!

but GD camo wasn't a red and yellow!
always a critic somewhere. : the colors are vomit brown and terracotta, and yes they did have both colors, but I digress. GD division is what my opponant refers to my army as, not a planned theme.

The WWI russ is just a russ without a B cannon.

They are turned around backwards to represent destroyed.

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