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Fighting Chaos
Closed Thread
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Default Fighting Chaos

I need tips on how to fight the Chaose Horde. Those damn heretics have too damn good of an armor save. My DT IG are getting mowed down by their Predator and Bolters ...

Should I Get More Heavy Weapon Squads (Autocannon or HB against 3+ save?)
How to use DT Sentinels effeciently ...
How to us LMRBT efficiently (links would be great) ...
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Default Re: Fighting Chaos

Definetly get heavy bolters against 3+ saves, they are the second best weapon at killing MEQs, while autocannons are the worst. Sentinels are a different matter, since they are dropping in. I'd give them autocannons and try to drop them in behind enemy tanks to tear up their back armour. Or you could go for cheap flamer sentinels to engage in CC and hold them up(this works better with normal marines, since chaos squads tend to take more powerfist sergeants). As to leman russes, i can give you a few tips, but there's nothing chaos specific i can really tell you. Deploy them behind cover so incase the enemy gets first turn they can't take it out as easily. But make sure your 6" movement can bring your battlecannon to bear for you first turn. Also, dont bothe trying to kill tanks with your battlecannon, ive seen it done too often. Yes, it is str 8 and you get to pick the highest of two dice, but it scatters way too often. You're better off just using the hull lascannon. If you want more in depth info try the stickies at the top of the IG board.
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Default Re: Fighting Chaos

There is only one way to fight chaos. With relentless determination.
We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.
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Default Re: Fighting Chaos

Originally Posted by AfterCresent
There is only one way to fight chaos. With relentless determination.
I think he meant game wise home boi. 8)

Plasma is great verses chaos. DP, Vehicles, Regular marines, plasma is great on everything. I like taking alot of plasma in pure guard lists. Special weapon squads, Officer's staff squad, vets, stormies. You could cram alot of it in if you really wanted to. Your opponent might think its cheesy though. Up to you.

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Default Re: Fighting Chaos

an autocannon is really no better than a heavy B for taking out heavy armor infantry. neither one can beat the armor, so you may as well take the 3 shots over 2. autocans are for medium inf (i.e. 4+ saves) and light vehicles. heavy B's are for rate of fire - which you will need against chaos because you cant field enough krakmisslunches and lascans to kill chaos marines effectively in any large numbers - you just need to shoot a lot and assume that sooner or later a save will fail, and the heavy B does that better than the autocan
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Default Re: Fighting Chaos

get some of the multi melta sentinals from FW to drop behind the tanks. Use "bait' uniits(like a remenent squad) to draw their power units into a trap. Get some ML units too. Always drop neaar cover or on an enemy flank and don't let him know what you units are packing (a 5 man storm trooper squad with melta bombs can hurt a tank, trust me)
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Default Re: Fighting Chaos

Originally Posted by AfterCresent
There is only one way to fight chaos. With relentless determination.
How can you hope to defeat Chaos? Everytime you say "no!"...

...and the odd battlecannon shell, plasma shot or hail of lasfire can help too. You've just got to say something dramatic when you fire them.
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