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IG background question
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Default IG background question

I got a question about IG tactics. If they would have to raid a city, how would they plan it? What units would they use? I'm guessing at least a couple of Chimies and some Basilisks for long-range bombardment, but how would they go to work? I don't play IG, so I hope you can help out.

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Default Re: IG background question

IG would soften up the target with Ordinatus pieces and then probably bring in an armored spearhead, pushing thier availible storm troopers forward first before sweeping in with basic infantry, then they would establish a foothold and requistion some more armor before taking the city.
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Default Re: IG background question

There is no 'set' pattern. There are so many different regiments, eachhave different patterns.

For example, my army, the Ellixian 127th, prefer to take a head on approach. They bombard the position with mortars and light ordnance, and then a mass infantry charge takes the position. Other armies have different tactics. That's what makes the IG so diverse and fun to play, as there are so many ways to explain why things are OK.
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Default Re: IG background question

Other armies such as my Teutonian 633rd would use their infiltration abilities and cameleoline flak to sneak into the city, ambushing enemy positions, and callling in more precise bombardments. Then their elite grenadier units to move in behind enemy lines disrupting supply lines and communications, and eliminating key personnel. After weeks of this guerrilla warfare they the enemy would be disorganized and demoralized, and have lost the will to fight. Then they mount an all-out assault ambushing every enemy position at the same time, setting off explosives under their bunkers, and bayonet charges against severly disorganized enemy positions using local militias.

My Guerra 1st would probably surround the city and dig in with miles upon miles of trenchlines and razorwire. They would then constantly bombard them for weeks and weeks, pauseing only to launch massive infantry wave attacks. Once one of these wave attacks broke through the outer defence absolutly every infantry formation would be called in and combined with armoured regiments to systematically clear the city in a nonstop attack.

Or both regiments could be combined and the 633rd would be sent in to weaken key positions and provide feints and act as decoys allowing the guerra 1st to break in more easily. Once inside the city they would be used as a hammer and shield army, the 633rd going out and attacking, drawing enemy forces in and smashing them on the shield of the 1st.

The imperial guard is very diverse, and so are battlefields. So it would be impossible to give you a list of all the things they do. All we can really do is tell you 'these are certain things that would never happen, everything else is fair game'.
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Default Re: IG background question

generally i would say lots of infntry, takeing a building totally before moveing on to the next doing a sort of leap frog manovre
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Default Re: IG background question

Originally Posted by shas o runil
generally i would say lots of infntry, takeing a building totally before moveing on to the next doing a sort of leap frog manovre
That is the standard as far as cadians go... one building at a time.. on room at a time... they storm it wipe it clean of enemy troops and then move on to the next. In this way they can fully secure sections of a city without destroying the infrastucture too intensely. Of course.. this is if they want to keep the city, an enemy city would be mercilessly bombarded until there was nothing left... :P
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Default Re: IG background question

If it was my 1171st conscripts all the commissar would have to say is,

"Forward men! Don't stop until the heretics are dead!"

"But sir our artillery's still firing and they got bolter turrets..."

*Bang* Commissar shoots Sergeant.

Yeah I like the waves of men style...
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