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Colonel McVar, commander of the synflax VII burrowers
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Default Colonel McVar, commander of the synflax VII burrowers

Cost WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Colonel McVar 105 4 4 4 3 2 4 2 10 4+

Wargear: Synflaxian Wild blade, Mullti-Bolt pistol, melta bombs Frag+krak grenades, bionic eyes, servo-carapace, trademark items (great coat, sun goggles)

Special rules:
Synflaxian wild blade: These weapons are traditional to Synflax VII and have a handle nearly as long as the blade. The Synflaxian wild blade counts as a power weapon, and maybe used as either a single or double handed weapon. When it's used as as a Double handed weapon it adds 1 to the users strength.

Multi-Bolt pistol:
Counts as a bolt pistol and once per game may be used as a grenade launcher and a flamethrower. (these are single shot attatchments which are thrown away after used. I was thinking of making a grapling hook attatchment, so ideas would be appreciated)

Bionic eyes:
After a horrific accident involving a broken sample container of tyranid bio-acid, Colonel McVar lost both his eyes and had them replaed with a pair of bionic eyes, whitch he always covers up with a pair of sungoggles. Colonel McVar has the night vision special rules.

Colonel McVar has a long standing freindship with the Adeptus mechanicus, his father being a titan princep. After his heroic command of the defense of Titan silo DF-1029-KX, the adeptus mechanicus gifted him with a suit of servo-carapace armour, an armour whitch lead to power armour. Servo-carapace armour counts as carapace armour and gives the wearer +1 strength (included in profile)

Wat do you think? I'll make some fluff later. C&C appreciated
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Default Re: Colonel McVar, commander of the synflax VII burrowers

I think that a str 5 Guardsmen is a little overpowered personally, drop either the servo-carapace or Synflaxian Wildblade(I think the wildblade is a bit cooler and I'd keep that). Also drop one of the bolter attachments. As it is now he practically has four weapons which is a bit much. Finally for the grappling hook thing, just use it like flesh hooks, minus the frag grenade ability.
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