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Can you make a Combat Guard army?
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Default Can you make a Combat Guard army?

Hi all i was wondering if you can make a Close combat guard army? Shooty has been done so many times it is annoying so has anyone made a list or a army of ORges and Karksin? If so post it please.

P.s I don't ave Gaurd codex.
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Default Re: Can you make a Combat Guard army?

Originally Posted by shas o Andrew
P.s I don't ave Gaurd codex.
Buying this will help you find a quite answer.
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Default Re: Can you make a Combat Guard army?

ok first kasrkin are not close combat, they are the opposite of it. as to your original question, yes it can be done, but it wont be as effective as marines or such. the warrior weapons doctrine allows you to suit up your basic infantry to close combat, while hardened fighters increase their actual ability at it. ogryns are very good, and rough riders are an absolute must. close combat armies are possible, and they are VERY fun to play. especially if you are used to normal imperial guard. but it wont be as effective as other armies close combat divisions, and it'll tkae quite a bit of converting. modernesque CC armies will be hard to make but feral armies are easy since you have the enitre warhammer range to help you(chaos maraduers are great)
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Default Re: Can you make a Combat Guard army?

Is there an assault Guard tactia?

I agree with Bash you need a Guard codex. That will help with decisions of what you want.

By the way it's Ogryns not "ORges" and Kasrkin not "Karksin".
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Default Re: Can you make a Combat Guard army?

this has been discussed at length in other topics... use your search function located in the menu bar.

This might help

If you have any other questions PM me and i will re-open the topic.
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Default Re: Can you make a Combat Guard army?

I would say these doctrines

Skills and drills: Hardeneded fighters
Equipment: Warrior weapons (if you wanted you could have carpace amro and use cahoswarrior models for fun, would be pretty cool)
Restricted troops: Ogryns, Rough riders

I dunno what the fifth doctrine would be, mybe chem inhalers represent beserker fury, or speial wepaons squads with primitive flamers thatwould look cool.
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