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Looking for someting different.
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Default Looking for someting different.


I love IG! they were my first ever army, until we were forced to play 500pts at all times at the GW store i go to. And then i lost..... alot. I am looking for something different, normal SIGAFH is boring and rather too easy too beat. I always liked the idea of Drop Troops.

Now i checked out the stickies, they were useful but not what i'm looking for. I always based armies around winning, which i am bored of now and makes for a less fun game. I quite liked the idea of the Terax Guard but i'm not sure how one would go about using them? Or IGDT but not the Harakoni Warhawks or stuff & fluff knicked from WW2.

I know i'm being fussy, but i am hopeless at:

a.) Writing army lists.

b.) Making them work.

When i had IG people saw me as an easy target, at 1000pts+ i had Ownage over all! Then when the manager said we have to play 500pts at all times due to lack of time & space was boring, stupid and IG are S**t at anything below 1000pts.

I'm going to start gaming at a new GW store (if my dad will take me!) and have never been there before. Currently i have no army, i sold my Eldar so i'm looking for a new army which is balanced, characterful and can adapt to anything. Why do YOU think i should collect IG? (Again)

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Default Re: Looking for someting different.

Sentinel armies own at low level points battles...

or the normal SIGAFH will work like nobodies buisness... just pimping out on men and high RoF heavy weapons, you'll own.

(plus we're the "normal" guys, no armour, no fancy tricks, just balls)
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Default Re: Looking for someting different.

becuase you can power game with 2 russes in a 500 point game(2 minamum sized storm troopers squads for troops).

Really you can...
It's the gaurd,you'se tanks.
Try armored company.

TerrAX gaurd would be a sigafh army with commisars used to deter assaults.
Originally Posted by Savon Saal
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Default Re: Looking for someting different.

plus we're the "normal" guys, no armour, no fancy tricks, just balls
Correction balls and a laser pointer
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Default Re: Looking for someting different.


I think i would go for Terax Guard, Commissars are my most favorite unit/charcter. Curses! now i've just got to type up a list. (Urgh!)
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