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Tau starting IG
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Default Tau starting IG

Ive played tau for a while now and am now going to do a guard army. If any one has any tips or bits of advice they would be willing to give. Any adivce would be very helpful. Thanks!
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Default Re: Tau starting IG

Just read the IG board here and check every thnig of interest.Should be a few good tacticas here. Comon piece of advice when painting,after you buy a unit paint it!!!Trust me on this,other wise you got hundreds of little faces looking at you,scary :P
Don't take the most exspensive thing in the armoury either when starting,read you codex front to back where you can memorize it all,build your list.
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Default Re: Tau starting IG


So you wish too tread the path of the Guardsman?

First off what you must do is:

a.) If you have the codex, read every single page! As most people new to Guard forget vital things like Platoon Command squads and min-max squads and such. If you don't have it, get it!

b.) Imperial Guard are expensive, yeah you might think 20 models for 18 is cheap, but they're guardsmen! you need at least a mminimumof 40 plus command squads, heavy weapons, officers, tanks.....

c.) You will have alot too paint, Guard are hard to paint especially the flesh. You may have to paint 60-80 100+ models! Thats alot.

d.) Read the sticky threads, there is masses of useful info on starting up. And (hopefully) soon the Imperial Guard Tacticas will be operational.

So best of luck!
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