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IG: How To Make Cadian Rough Riders
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Old 18 Aug 2006, 22:41   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default IG: How To Make Cadian Rough Riders

I would like to add Rough Riders to my plastic Cadian army, but I see no models that are Cadian Rough Riders. The only ones I can find are the werid looking Attila rough riders that won't go well with my plastic Cadians. Does anyone know of any ideas or tips?


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Default Re: IG: How To Make Cadian Rough Riders

warhammer fantasy plastic horse squad - i think they have a plastic brettonian set. u can use those horses and legs with a cadian upper half. plus you get the lances that you can use as powerspears

or buy a sprue of WFB horses (they dont sell em in stores ive seen but u can gettem online or mailorder) and chop and paste the regular plastic cadian guys legs to fit around the saddle - its a bit crude but if you are careful you could mount them good.

the spear is the best reason to have roughriders, but there are lots of ways to make a spear... toothpicks come to mind but im sure there are better variations out there.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: IG: How To Make Cadian Rough Riders

I was going to use VOIDS 1.1 minitures for my rough riders, but I not sure if they are the right scale.
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Default Re: IG: How To Make Cadian Rough Riders

You could get some pointers from this guy.
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Default Re: IG: How To Make Cadian Rough Riders

looks nice, there is one on the GW site that shows how to make dirt bike rough riders
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Default Re: IG: How To Make Cadian Rough Riders

Originally Posted by Alex
looks nice, there is one on the GW site that shows how to make dirt bike rough riders
Yes.. they do.. but the thing is that they each cost roughly, 60 dollars a pop... OUCH!

If your still interested, they guide is here:
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Default Re: IG: How To Make Cadian Rough Riders

would it be possible to melt the legs so that they bend around the horse or whatever your using? If you do it right then you could use some extra cadian pieces to make your rough riders with the brettonian horses! If you want heavy weapons in your infantry squads then you'll have four guardsmen left per every box, pepole need at least two boxes to make a complete army list so it could work.
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