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60 grunts
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Default 60 grunts

heres a challenge for the bored, a plea to the wise, and something fun for people who like playing with points lists:

i have 3 boxes of cadian shock troops, each has 4 flams, 4 gren Lnch, 4 vox, 4 ccw/lasp, and lotsa lasguns...

help me make a 750 point infantry army using this amount of figs?

i am thinking
(all squads have vox, HSO has master)
5 HSO (JO + honorifica?) commander w iron D, master vox guy, ccw medic, and 2 specweaps (flamer + democharge?)

5 jo w flam, demo, ccw where possible, and krak grenades for squad, plus die hard

5 jo w ccw/lasp, 2 GLs, medic w lasp/ccw, 1 shotgun +meltabomber, and sharpshoot

10 light infantry w flamer, die hard, krak grenade, shotgun vetsgt, light inf, hard fighters (questionable)

10 infantry w democharge, krak, shotgun vetsgt (maybe meltabombs for him)
2x10 inf w GL, lasgun sgt
5 vets w sharpshoot, 3 GLs, 2 shotguns (1 for vox and 1 for sarge)

i dunno... just want to know what to do with these guys... i have no other figs available, just 3 basic ol' boxes... so we gotta use small arms against vehicle threats - krak grenades, meltabombs where available, grenade launchers, maybe a powersword on the captain.

i can convert shotguns by shaving the flashlights, but bolters and boltpiss will be more difficult - and the only weapon options these figs have is a ccw/laspiss, a grenlaunch, and a flamer... (1 of each per 5 guys on the sprue) but demo charges are easy enough to chop out of the sides of a sprue, and a squad w krak grenades, or veterans with meltabombs or something could maybe maybe (??) be my tank killer unit...

i could probably shave a chainsword down to a powersword looking thing if that seems worthwhile.

what should i do what should i do?
750 points design me an army so i dont waste any figs - i bought out the only game store near me so i cant get reinforcements any time soon
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