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would I be a good IG player?
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Old 10 Aug 2006, 21:09   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default would I be a good IG player?

Hi ,

I am currently looking at IG and DH for my secondary army I want to collect.
(my first army is tau)

The only reason I would collect the IG is to mainly use static warfare and deploy lots of infantry backed up with some sort artillery, heavy weapons and tanks while holding my ground. charging up to my enemy unless my army is made for it is ok.

I have liked the IG and have always wanted them but the task of fielding all that infantry that I wanted (painting and assembling a big amount of guardsmen)
seemed a bit to hard (I wasn't that great at painting, I improved) but now I think I'm up to the challenge.

The IG cadian models are the ones I'd get because there the models that are the most appealing to me and there plastic

(I don't mind losing for a while to get used to the tactics :P )

what do you think ???
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Old 10 Aug 2006, 23:18   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: would I be a good IG player?

Sounds great. For you, I'd take some Bassilisks and Leman Russ battle tanks as your HS, and you might want some motar squads for indirect. I find one of the only weaknesses of a static army is that it places you at the mercy of the terrain and the range of the enemy guns. By taking some indirect, you are sure to put the hurt on the enemy, plus IG guns are some of the longest ranged in the game.

Withering artillery, backed by by devestating short range and man-portable firepower is signiture of the guard. SIGFAH is the way to go, and I love Commissars for theme.
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Open invitation to all: Send me a pm, and I'll be have a look at your army list.
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Old 11 Aug 2006, 02:51   #3 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: would I be a good IG player?

I like IG cause of the Humaness and they look cool once you paint them, but creating an army list for them is a pain b/c of the platoon thing and the many options they have. Other than that and maybe they cost ($) a little more b/c you need more models, and they are pretty cool.
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Old 11 Aug 2006, 03:46   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: would I be a good IG player?

I think that you have made a fantastic decision to match your army and style of play.
The Ig is perhaps the most shooty army out there (don't listen to the tau) and as such would just love to sit back and unleash hell. Just browse through the tacticas and decide what suits you best.

Good luck

Chimeras Forever!
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Old 14 Aug 2006, 15:07   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: would I be a good IG player?

Sounds like you've got the idea down.. I like the suggestion of Russes for HS as well as the mortars.. they will be handy.
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Default Re: would I be a good IG player?

To become a player of the Imperial Guard, you must:
- Have money
- Like tanks
- Love to paint (a lot).
- Appreciate strategem
- Enjoy the shooting phase

If you keep these five points, then you'll feel at home
with the guard.
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Old 14 Aug 2006, 21:31   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: would I be a good IG player?

Originally Posted by Chton
To become a player of the Imperial Guard, you must:
- Have money
- Like tanks
- Love to paint (a lot).
- Appreciate strategem
- Enjoy the shooting phase
- Not mind glue fumes
- Have an ordnance blast template
- Have at least 30 dice
- A scatter die
- A healthy disregard for your enemies mental health
- A healthy disregard for your enemies physical health
'nuff said
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Old 17 Aug 2006, 19:46   #8 (permalink)
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Default Re: would I be a good IG player?

every guard army list must be a work of art. the rules for making a viable and effective force are so stringent that you dont want to make mistakes while building it. plan your army out before you set to modelling or you will end up with too many special weapons, or not enough lasguns to fill up that second platoon or whatever.

i like the guard because they are the underdog who, if used right, can stomp all the super-power-monster-hero-ish armies with the worst statlines in the known galaxy.

thing is when you start on guard armies, they needs fine tuning, which can be a hobby unto itself - puzzling over the numbers as you make your army is quite time consuming. the eldar, the nids, chaos, all them guys have it easy - "gee i'll take 5 of those, 10 of those, 2 of those big things, and a tank" they dont have nearly so many options to blunder through as far as arming their troops as a guard commander does, plus dealing with the platoon command structure is frustrating. all the semi-useless Junior Officers squads here and there, and the need for so many figs just to fill up your basic army requirements can be really frustrating to model.

thats the other reason i like the guard, it takes some precision to make an army that can stand its own ground or put fear into the badguys. if you want easy play nids or marines. if you want an intricate puzzle to figure out play guard. 8)
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