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What can I get...
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Default What can I get...

What can I get away with when building a IG list? Meaning am I able to field a mostly static all troop list and still be competitive? Currently I'm liking the idea of using a mortar/special weapons HQ, having platoons packing ACs, and heavy support squads packing ML's/LC's all while avoiding any Lemans or Basilisks. I know someone's tried it out before so I was hoping to hear what works and what doesn't... I don't mind fielding armor but I was hoping to stick to my roots where large blocks of troops supported by a handful of heavy hitters carried the day.

Condensed questions:
- Does a IG list need Leman's to be competitive?
- Large groups of mortars, how effective are they?
- Ogryn's counter assault or offensive assault?
- Conscripts worth having or am I better off with standard IG platoons?
- Advisor's are they worth taking or can I get away with a master vox?

I'm sure other questions will pop up in time but for now I need to focus on building my army list and buying up the rest of the models I need.
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Default Re: What can I get...

I would have at least two Leman Russes in your army.

Large Groups of mortars are effective mostly against horde armys (Orks, 'nids).

Orgryns, I would use for offensive assault mainly because the Imperial guard doesn't have much effective close combat fighting.

Conscripts are only worth it if you want massed troops for little point cost (if you decide to use conscripts and you want a special weapon, use a flamer it is the only thing they will be able to use effectivly).

I think you can get away with a master vox as long as all of your squads that can have a vox caster
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Default Re: What can I get...

From experience, I could give or take Lemans, I have mostly infantry with a Demolisher and two Sentinels, now my Demolisher is just there to scare people, it rarely gets it's points back (unless terminators or expensive troops are fielded), My sentinels are priceless, they always grab thier points back, I use heavy flamers and drop troops doctrine, you can tell what happens to fire warrior squads.

My infantry hold my anti-tank and counter-assault weaponry, static, or a can drop them in using deep-strike. They're highly competitive as a force.

Large Groups of mortars are extremely effective against anything without 3+ saves, they slaughter infantry and that pinning... (barrage weapon) I want to take more...

Ogryns, used better as Counter Offensive, as they are foot sloggers after all, and you can give them an armoured coffin if you wish. counter Offensive is where they are safer.

Conscripts, bring a tonne or bring none at all...

Advisors, Master-Vox? neither... I use Sanctioned Psykers for fun but not anything else, don't really need it.

hope that helps.
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