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Wow, the Lasgun kills?
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Default Wow, the Lasgun kills?

I have had about six games with my imperial guard, I was playing yesterday with an old friend who was using my Death Guard army

I had two mostly full squads guarding a building, he had a squad of favoured plague marines in a Rhino approaching their postion, the plasma gunner fried the rhino but none of the marines died. the plague marines could not advance their next turn but killed about five guardsman, the vox caster kept the reduced squad alive the plasma gunners killed two of the plague marines and the autocannon killed another one (one of the plasma guys killed himself, I was within twelve by the way) the lasguns killed the four remaining marines with about twenty od lasgun shots on toughness five power armour marines (my friend rolled bad)

this was one of the only times my guard standard infantry squads had made a great kill squad to squad
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Default Re: Wow, the Lasgun kills?

Haha, I sometimes Induct IG into my WH force. I only take a minimal Platoon to add a few Heavy Bolters and some cannon fodder to throw at assault squads and set my sisters up in better positions. and they usually fail miserably. Those three heavybolters hitting half the time really doesn't do the trick. But every once and a while they do something miraculous. Wipe out a squad or two of Necron Warriors in one turn, take down a Hive Tyrant in one turn, And send a squad of sixteen Khorne Bezerkers back to their place in the warp. It is moments like these that are the reasons I still take some guard. The look on a 'nids players face as a few flashlights take down all the wounds of a wingged Tyrant is priceless.

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Default Re: Wow, the Lasgun kills?

not much dicussion here....

yes, lasguns are perfect for the guard because they are powerful in numbers. thats the only way you can feild them really.

try this out with conscripts in numbers of 100 or more and everyone will be impressed.
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