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My 3rd Mega-Battle report! (comments, please?)
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Default My 3rd Mega-Battle report! (comments, please?)

I was playing with my long-time friend and opponent, Gorloth the Great, against another friend who plays a Daemonhunter allied with Dark Angel force. He got setup, we got first turn. (Yesss!)

His Deployment, showing ours in progress.

We continue our deployment, as well as a better shot of his.

Both deployments, finished.

Turn 1-
Orks and Imperial get first turn. Fire Support squad moves into bunker. Buggies move up next to Predator, (which pops smoke launchers) and fire. They stun it. Battlewagon and Burna Boyz move up the left flank. Bassilisk fires an AT shell that blows up the dreadnought.

Landspeeder shot up the Burna squad except for one burna and the Warboss and Big Mek. Power of the Machine Spirit on Predator fires at Side Armor of Demolisher, nothing happens.

Turn 2-
Big Mek turns into a Bloodthirster! Battlewagon moves up, so do Buggies. Infernus shells makes GK terminators fall back 6". Burna boy kills landspeeder. Demolisher kills a marine.

Grey Knights deepstrike, wipe out Skarboyz. They consolidate onto bassie. Plasma-cannon kills a guardsman. Scouts infiltrated, did nothing.

Turn 3-
Bassie moves away from GK, as do many guardman. All GK killed by the Guardsman. Demolisher kills 2 marines in a bunker. Bloodthirster attacks GK termis, takes wounds but kills 1 GK.

Plasma cannon destroys Earthshaker on Bassie. Termis kill off Bloodthirster. Killa Kans assault scouts, lose one to a well placed Krak Grenade.

(note: the ogryn served as a proxy blood-thirster. behind the bunker, you can see the GK terminators.)

Turn 4-
Sluggas hop off Battlewagon, Demolisher moves it's side armor out of sight from Predator. Killa Kan kills remaining scout. GK termis get killed in assault by sluggas. Rhino gets destroyed by Fire Support.

DA Terminators come down, kill a guardsman squad with shooting. Other shooting fails to do anything.

(note: no more terminators anymore, can you tell? >)

Turn 5-
Bassie tank shocks the DA Terminators the DA termis, they're Death or Glory! kills it with a melta bomb. It explodes, killing two of the foolish warriors! ALL of the guardsman charge forward toward the squad, they kill 3 termis from shooting. (1 is left).
Missile launcher SM squad gets killed by Demolisher, except for 2 bolters who fall back 8".

Termi kills one guardsman w/ storm bolter, charges and kills 2. The squad flees. Marines regroup, comeback.

(The DA Terminators are in the corner. 75% of my force is about to rapid fire them do death.)

Turn 6-
ALL the guardsman move really close to termi. Returning marine squad gets shot by Demolisher. In CC, Colonel Sanders kills the last terminator, planting his power sword deep into the loyalist's chest.

Space Marines cannot do anything this turn.

Turn 7-
Fire Support kills 2 Space Marines in the bunker.

Commissar, Junior Officer, and 3 Guardsman all get melted into soup by a plasma cannon blast.

EDIT: oops- I forgot. The result was a "Solid Victory" for da Orksies and Imperial Guard!
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Default Re: My 3rd Mega-Battle report! (comments, please?)

i dont get were and the orks a team or were you enemys cause you both won? how did the ork HQ turn ito a bloodthirster?
butler could kill you a hundred different ways without using his armoury. though im sure one would be suffcient.
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OK partner, good job. now could you please spit out the fugitive?
-holly short

lets just say im a very smart boy.
-artemis fowl again!
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Default Re: My 3rd Mega-Battle report! (comments, please?)

Perhaps I forgot to mention-

The orks and I were allied against Grey Knights, so we got to pick a Daemon Nemesis. We chose a blood-letter.
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