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Command Platoon + Section help
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Default Command Platoon + Section help

Hey, just starting up guard and I'm finding that my Command Platoon + Command section are kind of useless, only a good source of vox-chatter (but I recently removed that in place of Iron Discipline). So I was wondering, what do people usually do to get the maximum effectivness out of a Command Section or Command Platoon (I know fire support squads and whatnot, i'm talking about the Command Section itself). Is it just another heavy weapon to have or is there a greater use for these units?
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Default Re: Command Platoon + Section help

Originally Posted by General_Dakari
I personally use 4 Flamers in my Command Platoon, with a HSO with Power weapon and plasma pistol and carapace armor, and a Commissar with bolt pistol and power weapon. It works fairly nice in close range, but it probably needs support from squads and such.
i think 4 flamers are too easy a target... 6 point guardsman plus 6 point flamer that goes down as meat to whoever shoots at it.

what i have used in the past is kind of a 'poor mans' assault unit... sure give yer officer a pswd and give a commie a pfist, and take some meat with ccw/lasp, maybe 2 flamers or a flamer and a melta but the ccw is good too (esp. for veterans). they arent going to take out a marine lord or a hive tyrant or anything, but they are a good countercharge to relieve some unit that you didnt want locked in ccw.

other good idea is to put them in your chim, and ride around shooting a lascan out of the top hatch, while the voxmaster does its thing.

just some ideas.

i am equally irritated by the necessity of JO command squads, but you can use them to fill in where your regulars are lacking.

counterassault counterassault counterassault, and i'll say it again. or maybe not cuz it takes a while to type.
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