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Default Platoon!

Is it better to have more small platoons or fewer larger platoons?
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Default Re: Platoon!

The only real difference is that with more platoons you will get more platoon commands and the option to have more of the special troops (conscripts, armoured fists) etc.

It all depends on the game size you play.

I personally use for my Catachans
3 platoons
1 with 2 squad and 2 with 3.

But it's somwhat diff for Catachans as there platoon commanders are single models.

Another thing could be do you want to deploy ALL your troops in one go or spread them out?
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Default Re: Platoon!

Go with 5 squad platoons to max out lasgun potential.
Go with 2 squad platoons to max out on Armoured Fist or Conscipts.
Go with 3-4 squad platoon to spread an even amount of leadership around.
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Default Re: Platoon!

i usually go for 2 platoons, and max them out as much as possible(so 4 squads each in 1K-1.5K games). Since i use a vox network i dont have to worry about not having enough officers for leadership. For most SIGAFH its better to have big platoons. For deepstriking or assaulting armies small platoons are better. So in a normal guard army you shouldn't see more than 2 platoons unless its huge battles. You'll rarely field more than 2 armoured fists, or 2 conscript squads, so large amounts of small platoons aren't that good.
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Default Re: Platoon!

my ideal would be 1 plat of as many squads as fit yer points, so as not to waste too much on the questionably useful JO command sections, and 1 AF for the other troop requirement, or conscripts if you like them better.

the JO squads are not very cool, and waste a lot of points; even more if you try to make them useful with specweaps and vets and meds and stuff (even MORE cost). less platoons, more squads per platoon makes more sense to me.
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