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Obersturmbannfuhrer Johann Wilhelm Hagen
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Default Obersturmbannfuhrer Johann Wilhelm Hagen

[table][tr][td] [/td][td]Cost[/td][td]Ws[/td][td]Bs[/td][td]S[/td][td]T[/td][td]W[/td][td]I[/td][td]A[/td][td]Ld[/td][td]Sv[/td][/tr][tr][td]Lt Col Hagen[/td][td]160[/td][td]5[/td][td]4[/td][td]3(4)[/td][td]3[/td][td]3[/td][td]5[/td][td]3[/td][td]10[/td][td]5+[/td][/tr][/table]

Unit Size: The unit consists Of Lt Col Hagen and a four man Comman Staff as found in the Imperial Guard Codex under the Command HQ section. Hagen counts as a Command Officer and as such all units with 12" of him use his leadership.
Weapons: Johan Hagen is always armed with his Storm Bolter, and his unique Mastercrafted Powersword "Tyrfing" (see special rules). He also wears a cameoline cloak and frag grenades on his webbing.
Options: Lt Col Hagen Must be equiped exactly as described above. All members of his staff are subject to the rules regarding a command squad in the Imperial Guard rule book. The squad may take a Chimera transport as descriped.
NOTE: Any squad that chooses to take Hagen may not take Commissars or Inquisitorial allies. Also the only doctrines that may be taken are Light Infantry, Cameoline and Mechanised.
Special Rule 1: Clarity of Mind
Hagen, and any squad that he leads, have fought in countless battles. As such they will fall back to more advantageous positions if tactically neccassary.
Hagen and his command staff use the ATSKNF special rule

Special Rule 2: Experienced Scout
Having initially served in as a scout in the gebirgsjagers, Hagen is adept at using cover to his best advantage. Years of fighting in forested and snow covered mountains have moulded him into a skilled ambusher.
Hagen and any attached staff gain the Infiltrate ability if it is allowed as well as the Move Through Cover special rule.

Special Rule 3: Tyrfing
Hagen's sword is an ancient relic made by a master smith milenia ago. Seemingly made from obsidian, the blade glows a pale green colour when activated. The Sword is a fabled Daemon slayer, and it is said that the very sight of it rends the souls from psychers and choas spawn.
Tyrfing counts as a mastercrafted powersword that lends an extra point of strength to the user's profile (already included).

>>> Rumoured to be decended from Krieg like many of Janus's inhabitants, Hagen is a grim and imposing figure. While he is gaunt and merely of average hight, his firey eyes and dark brows have silenced many of greater stature.

Like all Janus youth he was drafted into the PDF at the age of 16. Following the traditions of the local nobility, joined one of Janus's famous Imperial Officer Training courses when his service ended. Finding a love for fencing, he soon surpassed all other student and soon even his intructors were wary of ways. Fiercely honour driven, he once challenged an instructor to a duel for a percieved slight. The battle was short but violent, the instructor's skill matched by Hagen's temper. Missreading the instructor's footwork, Hagen lunged too soon, only to be slashed across the chest by the instructor. Gasping in pain Hagen pulled his own blade up in an angry arc, killing his instructor.

As a result of his indiscipline he was posted to a light infantry unit instead of the highly coveted position in the Panzergrenadiers. Nevertheles Hagen soon proved himself a cunning scout and a master bushman. Transfering into the famous Hell's Scouts he was soon leading daring search and destroy missions against Traitor Marine's pirate bases inside the Maelstrom. It was in one of these missions where he and 79 other men took a 2000 strong heretic garrison in 4 days, liberating the sword Tyrfing in the process.

As news of his success spread through the sector he was eventually allowed command of the Honour Company in Janus's premier Mechanised unit. Although now in command of dozens of Chimera APCs, he still maneuvers his force as adeptly ever. Prefering surprise and ambush to open warfare, he often leads his men out on foot to cut to crush the enemys of the emperor from where they least expect. <<<

Hey guys. This is a character that I was trying to create for a while now. I've tried everything from modding using the DH codex to exploring alternate unit doctrines. I finally tried putting him together using some house-rules on 40konline. Unfortunately the points costs seems a bit low to me. Do you have any ideas? Please excuse the long fluff, but he's the leader of my Mech army and is a long time comming, so he's got a lot of stuff already about him. You may wonder why he's configured the way he is, but first wanted him to confer a +1 coversave to all in his squad, so that he could take refuge on top of his Chimera when it inevitably goes boom. It also used to fit in with the afriel strain theme of my guys, but I sort of changed him as I went along (hence the doctrine limits. I could always change them).

So please:
  • what suggestions for points?
  • i need a few drawbacks (he's into regrouping and fighting again, but is still excellent in HtH)
  • Somehow I want him to either be a psychic blank or have some power along thise lines, as in my fluff he dies killing a bloodthirster (hence the swordy bit, could even have the near-compulsory, "the C'tan made it" line somewhere
and just any other comments that you may have.

Thanks in advance

PS. cool board, too bad it's not official rules. [/list]

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Default Re: Obersturmbannfuhrer Johann Wilhelm Hagen

too be honest he seems like a bit of a mini-marine. I5, Ws5, Str4, ATSKNF, Ld 10. Try lowering him to In 4, and have the sword do something other than give him str 4. I know commissar Gaunt gets str 4 but thats becuase tanith are your stereotipical lone wolf army, and is thus flocked to by thousands of people and ends up being full of fan boys. Tanith special rules and doctrines are just aweful.

Also, it seems a bit odd that you combined light infantry with mechanized, since those two roles are mutually excluding. Both rule wise and fluff wise ligh infantry can't be mechanized.

And lastly: What's up with this name? Does every kreig commander, city, regiment, tradition, tactic, weapon and name have to be named in german? Obersturmbannfuhrer means Superior strom train leader, or Superior ICE leader.
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Default Re: Obersturmbannfuhrer Johann Wilhelm Hagen

The name's a bit of a mix. The rank from the Waffen SS (equivalent to a lt col), as my flames of war army is Wafen SS. The name is a family name and the surname is the villian out of der biebelungsleid. Also the planet's not Kreig, but it has an obscure start.

To be totally honest I got carried away. I've started a mech army of PzGrenadiers (continuing from my FoW theme almost). But I when I play smaller battles I use my troops as light infantry (no vehicles). For a while I was experiementing with cameo and mech (when your vehicles blow up they give great cover). So I developed a character that linked the two armies (came from reading too much Sven Hassel - panzer troops turned ground pounders).

My army had the following doctrines afreil and COD and it was led by Hagen with a Honorifica and MC powersword.

so he basically had ws4 bs4 s3 t3 w3 i4(5) a3 ld9 sv5+ and either mech, Li or cameo. My biggest thing for him is that he has to be a psychic null or some equivalent.

So lets se if I can do better. Lets drop the scouting rules. That's 20 points for the infiltrate, cameo and the rerolled terrain.
I'd like to keep his WS at 5, but with his MC is an equivalent of 5.333 (i think). Still his unit is my only assault one in my army (with afreil assault hurts! even against tau!) I agree about dropping the sword's value a down to normal. That said it's the only place where I can adequately represent latent psychic power (null blade as from DH codex).

Do you have any suggestions.
Also should I have him as an independant character only or give him his command squad?
and a final question: what happens when you give a commisar an honorifica? does he get a leadership value of 9?

So that a much cheaper unit, but the only difference from my stock standard guy in my mech list is that sword.

(It's part of the fluff as said in last post)
Thanks for the advice


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