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favorite guard regiment
View Poll Results: which is your favorite guard unit
cadians 7 20.00%
vostrians 3 8.57%
death korps 11 31.43%
vallaran ice warriors 1 2.86%
tarriran desert raiders 1 2.86%
mordan iron guard 2 5.71%
other 10 28.57%
Voters: 35. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 22 Jul 2006, 01:44   #1 (permalink)
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Default favorite guard regiment

which is your favorite and why?

my fav is vostrians because they look cool
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Old 22 Jul 2006, 02:06   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: favorite guard unit

I love Death Korps... not really because of fluff or anything. Just because theyre models are amazing. I would love to feild a deathcorps army w/ no plastics out or even metal i cant. For my budget Cadians best but if i could have anything it would definately be Death Korps.

PS Mordian Iron Guard look coo too but at 5 buks a model... uh... no can do.
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Old 22 Jul 2006, 02:52   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: favorite guard regiment

Death korps, definetly. Steel legion comes in close to, as do valhallans. Then its vossies, plastic cadians, mordians, metal cadians, elysians, tallaran, plastic catachan, preatorian and metal catachan last.

As to your poll:
Vostroyans, not vostrians
Valhallan, not vallaran
Tallaran, not tarriran
Mordian, not mordan

You also missed out: Tanith, Praetorians, Steel Legionnaries, Elysians and Catachan.
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Old 22 Jul 2006, 03:09   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: favorite guard regiment


Others have wrote about how the other metals personalize their gaurd, but I think its just the opposite. I can paint all the cadain to look alike but the slight modeling differences such as poses and positions make them look rank and file and different at the same time. ( I use a standard cadian 8th color scheme ) And I like their fluff.
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Old 22 Jul 2006, 04:54   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: favorite guard regiment

As you can probably tell from my avatar and sig, Death Korps are my favorite. I love the fluff, and now, the models are awesome as well. Valhallens and old school Cadians tie for the second with Tallarn coming in third.
But seriously, a Guardsman, I'm willing to bet, could a) outshoot me, b) give me the beating of my life, and c) shove more squad-based tactics down my throat than I'd ever care to digest. Guard are hard, hard men. Whether or not GW's inconsistent, Marine-worshipping fluff keeps with that, mkay?

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Default Re: favorite guard regiment

Death Korps hands down.
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Old 23 Jul 2006, 02:56   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: favorite guard regiment

I think my favorites would have to be the Kanak Skull Takers for looks followed close by the Vostroyans. I play cadian thought, cheapest and most well stocked at my GW
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Default Re: favorite guard regiment


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Old 30 Jul 2006, 02:24   #9 (permalink)
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Default Re: favorite guard regiment

Death Korp, these guys are so cool, they are a bit weird, celebrating their funerals on the day they join the regiment
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Old 30 Jul 2006, 06:40   #10 (permalink)
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Default Re: favorite guard regiment

Oops. Wrong one.

Could you switch my vote from toy soldiers to Steel Legion (other). The boys with toys ^.^
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