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Missile Launcher toting IG
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Default Missile Launcher toting IG

Well I bought a Heavy Weapon Squad and after looking at everything I decided first things first, I need some Lascannons. But looking at what I needed for the Lascannons I saw that both mortars and missile launchers can still be used because they aren't missing any critical peices.The only thing im missing are the big bases for them...
So after pondering on what I could use the leftovers for I was wondering if I could stick the missile launcher gaurd on a 15mm base ande his ammo man on another 15mm since I can put the launcher on his shoulder. Would thise little conversion work and what would the rules for this be ( or where can I find them ).
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Default Re: Missile Launcher toting IG

Yes that would work,

e.g. The Armageddon missile launcher gunner and loader are on separate bases, as the gunner and loader are separate models.
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Default Re: Missile Launcher toting IG

Yes, that's fine, in fact, it's a lot better, because mounting the gunner and loader on the same base just creates extra problems that are better to avoid anyway.
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Default Re: Missile Launcher toting IG

Originally Posted by Adrenelyn
15mm base
Really? Where do you get one of those?
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Default Re: Missile Launcher toting IG

Originally Posted by Carnex
Originally Posted by Adrenelyn
15mm base
Really? Where do you get one of those?
25 :P
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Default Re: Missile Launcher toting IG

My old school catachan missile launcher guy came with a rough rider style base.
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Default Re: Missile Launcher toting IG

Unless your models are lying down (like my vostroyan heavy bolter gunners) i'd advise to put them on seperate bases. The large bases are cool if you want to do up a themed scenery base, with cover, walls, drums etc. but they can pose problems when trying to transport your guys, as they are very space-wasteful, especially if you have the GW foam insert cases.

Perhaps put the gunner and gun on a cavalry/bike or "terminator" base and the loader on their own normal sized round base.

you could also fit both guys on one cavalry base if you had the missile launcher shoulder mounted, with them standing kind of side by side... im sure standing directly behind a firing missile launcher is bad for one's health

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Default Re: Missile Launcher toting IG

you can buy little bags with those bases. They're like the armageddon heavy weapon ones, without the raised platform, but still work. This is what i do with my heavy weapons:

Mount the missile launcher on a normal imperial guardsman.
Mount either the autocannon or lascannon on the tripod and use a kneeling firer.
Mount the heavy bolter on the set of sandbags/building ruins and use a kneeling firer.
Place the mortar on the center of a big base. Use a normal guardsman body with mortar firer arms as the firer.
For all heavy weapons use bog standard imperial guardsmen as loaders. Use the one aim a non-bayonet lasgun, since he looks the most like hes providing cover for the firer. Strap a pair of missiles to his back, or the heavy stubber ammo box to the heavy bolter loader's hip or something like that to mak him look like hes dragging the ammo around.
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Default Re: Missile Launcher toting IG

Hey i had the same idea when i made my first heavy bolter squad. I took the extra peices from the Heavy Weapons sprue and some left over guardsmen i hadn't made yet and just converted a loader and a missle launcher. I made the loader hold the missle like a lasgun so it looked like he was loading and just swung a lasgun over his shoulder. The missle launcher guy just had the missle launcher on his shoulder and actually looks really intimidating while standing up w/ it. The small base and massive weapon make him look cool.
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Default Re: Missile Launcher toting IG

For my Rocket Launcher loader, I used a normal Guardsman, but did this:
Had the lasgun support arm (left) WITH THE HAND
Used a laspistol arm, but cut off the hand
Used the hand that comes with the tank commander (the open palmed one, with the braid on the shoulder)
Added the missile
Basically he's carrying the missile, bottom in his right hand, his left hand holding it about two thirds of the way up.
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