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Drop Troop Army, common problems
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Default Drop Troop Army, common problems

I do not play drop troops but was thinking about making a drop troop army one day

It seems they are quite vunerable due to the deep strike rule

they way the rule book states that the models should be setup, in a circle in base to base contact, during the next shooting phase of an enemy, if they have barage weapons, you could lose most of your men.

I mean a Talos, a few plasma cannons, even frag missles would tear up alot of guardsmen in one turn of shooting.

Any of you Drop Troopers have a comment on this or a horror story?
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Default Re: Drop Troop Army, common problems

Deploy out of your oppents sight.
Use heavy wepon teams or tanks(they won't deepstrike so you can soften up the enemy.
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Default Re: Drop Troop Army, common problems

grind your teeth and bear with it. life is cheap anyways, so aslong as your plasma gunner and vox caster stay alive you should be fine.
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Default Re: Drop Troop Army, common problems

You're missing the value of the drop army- you should be shooting everything before it can shoot back. Tons of assault weapons dropped in range cannot be countered. If you get enough guns firing, there will be no return fire to worry about.

Now, with bad scatter your drop army will get annihilated. That's the trade-off.

Never had a dull game with drop armies, but they were all pretty much decided by turn 3 (if they made it that long).
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Default Re: Drop Troop Army, common problems

You do need to be more risky when you use a special weapons squad with 2 x flamers and a Demo Charge.

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Default Re: Drop Troop Army, common problems

Drop armies always did very poorly against me, but that's because I field a number of close-range shooting forces that outmatched them in most ways...only my own Guardsmen got their arses handed to them by the Drop Troopers (and often).

The simple fact is this: shooting your entire army at close range will kill things easily if you've chosen it well and for that purpose alone.
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