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The Catachans have a play with the Kashel
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Default The Catachans have a play with the Kashel

This is my Reported battle for medusa V... problem is it's too long so i'm going to post it here and send them the link to it.

Now a mate of mine didn't bring his army with him so is borrowing mine (My alpha legion) for a battle we had. He said he is used to playing lists similar as he has used a chaos list with huge similarities before on several occasions.

CSM scored first turn.

The Commissar assigned to the rowdy company, 'Hangman' Kadent, came to an unfortunate end... shooting himself while cleaning his pistol, says Garrick... but we all know what really happened.

80% of the alpha legion forces suddenly sprang up from nowhere, no warning and 'noway'

Turn 1-Obliterators moved up the right flank, with the Lord Kashel and 4 bikers. The rest of the marines sat in their little infiltrated spots and waited, and watched.

Uproar of weapons fire minced the landscape... the Obliterators launched bursts of auto cannon and las cannon fire into 3 of the stalking Deathworld Sentinels, crippling ones heavy flamer and shaking the other two. The lord and his protege moved quickly amoungst the fireing lines up to the mid section of flank.

The Chaos spawned horrors of marines laid waste to the bunker holding the Catachan heavy weapons. The bunker survived but one of the loaders inside has his head taken off by a bolt shell. Suddenly... the fizz of plasma scorched the air around Garricks head, taking the torso his heavy flamers loader.

The Catachans of the 2nd Ferox Silva Contego acted accordingly... their assault team jumping for the buildings, ran with a fury that none other than they could have. The unharmed Sentinel sqaud powered up and moved for the cover of surrounding overgrowth, screening their actions with smoke.

Garricks Command section lead a small charge along side another platoon. They ran with passion, bolt fire from the enemy always over head.

Then the guns from the Deathworld itself fired up... setting the early dawn sky ablaze... Nothing of the chaos forces could been seen from the twilight of las fire.

Three missiles crackled out of the bunker, mortar shells rained death upon the enemy. The dakka of a heavy bolters scored out of the Catachan lines roring away with fury.

As the fire subsided for Garrick to veiw the carnage... the Chaos marines of Primo Legio were in ruin. A squad of 10 lay slumped out over the rim of their battle building. The Enemy lords head was seen severed rolling down the hill towards Garrick and his section... a smile spread across his face and the thought.. 'Not so immortal now are you?'. Then he also noted only one of the monstrosities, aptly named obliterators were stumbling forward and falling. Only one remained.

Turn 2-Then as the enemy regrouped more tainted shells filled the skys. The three Sentinels that were criplled from moments before were again racked with fire. Two being absolutly crippled under the fire and one collapsing under the pressure.... it's pilot dead.

The Luitenant of the Alpha legion ran forward again. Two of the Catacahn veterans out in the open were caught be bolt fire.

Then... the Lt bolted forward again... smahing into Garricks section. His team was obliterated but his own refractor feild held off 3 well delivered attacks. His Power sword then slipped through the creatures armour, killing him along with a kick punch to the head.

The catachan then again opened up. Spilling the insides of the other 2 squads of chaos marines on the hills. The bikers had no chance. Hit by 3 rockets, 2 heavy bolters, a plasma gun, 2 grenade launchers and a platoon worth of lasfire. They roared forward into shards of broken machine and armour.

The only thing left... A single obliterator- Garrick leveled his storm bolter at it's head and fired. It fell, lifeless and limp to the ground.

End game
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Default Re: The Catachans have a play with the Kashel

Sounds like a good fight.
When brute force doesn't solve your problem you aren't using enough.

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Default Re: The Catachans have a play with the Kashel

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