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Advice on models....
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Default Advice on models....


On Saturday i bought a Steel Legion box set, which was 20 (with sergeant, 'nade launcher and missile launcher) and now I've painted the entire squad. But i have just discovered that on the U.K online store they pulled of the Steel Legion models (except the commissar and the heavy weapons) and now i am worried that they will have the same fate as the Valhallans had, they will have a 30-35 box set with models i don't need and having to mail order all of the time (i don't trust the post office workers.)

So i will ask my local GW store manager and find out, and if he gives me a stupid or irrelative answer I'll strip the paint off my squad and sell them. Now I'm gonna have to start a new regiment! I don't like Cadians (too many people have 'em) Catachans are useless because i want an army for CoD, i don't like the Tallarn models and all of the other regiments e.g. Mordians are far too expensive. Which leaves me with one option Vostroyans.

I don't want to give up on Guard but now with all of the cool regiments being removed the only option i have is the giant fluffy hatted Russians. Or do a completely different army. :'(

Are there any possible alternatives...?
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Default Re: Advice on models....

Mail order in the Steal Legion models. Because most of the time your gonna what you want.
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Default Re: Advice on models....

there are so many options, you could make a custom regiment out of bits, look in the back of the gaurd codex;cannack skull takers would be a fun project, harakoni warhawks look cool, but ultimatedly it depends on how much time and entusiasam you have/
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Default Re: Advice on models....

box sets and blisters aren't available, but if you use the search engine you can find all steel legion bits. GW seems to have taken most stuff out of the normal listings to stamp out all non-cadians. but we will not be marinefied!
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