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Drop Troops, need help
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Default Drop Troops, need help

Hey all, I'm taking a break from chaos for awhile (sort of) and i'm starting work on a traitor guard army.
I want it to be a drop troop force possibly with the sharpshooter doctrine. But i have no idea how to best use a such an army. can someone help me out here?

thanks in advance :rockon:
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Default Re: Drop Troops, need help

meltas and plasma guns
drop 2 melta squads next to a tank (diffrent sides) and kill the tank if it survives you haves another squad left.
Heavy wepons are youseful but deploy them normaly so the can fire turn 1.
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Default Re: Drop Troops, need help

Ok, some basic squad layout advice:

All squads need special weapons. Special weapons are just to great to miss out on, so unless a squad will remain outside of 24" at all times special weapons are basically compulsory.

Demolition charges: are not advisable for normal infantry squads, since they are very dangerous and hard to use. I would definitely recommend them for your cheap platoon commander or a special weapon team, but avoid them in 10 man squads.

Sergeants: Squads who will be dropping in next to enemies will benefit from a laspistol armed sergeant. In SIGAFH armies i always recommend the lasgun, but with drop troops the extra attack and assault capabilities of the laspistol and nothing to sneeze at. It doesn't make a huge difference, but it will certainly look cooler. Also, the veteran sergeant option is a great boost, giving you both extra leadership and attack. The extra leadership will offset the factthat many of your officers will be locked in combat, nullyfiying their bonus. And the extra attack, well, that always comes in handy when you jump into the middle of a khornate army.

Officers: Any and all officers dropping into close proximity of the enemy should get a power weapon. These babys are dirt cheap, costing less than a guardsmen and can pack quite a punch. Its great for MEQs how charge thinking it'll be an easy kill and finding out you're ignoring armour saves. Powerfists are a different issue however. At 4 times the price these things should remain more exclusive unless YOU are planning to assault THEM. I recommend keeping them on commissars who aren't special characters and hardened veteran sergeants, this way they don't get picked off.

Sentinels: I'd advise you to invest in these guys. They are keep, and are the only vehicles you can deepstrike. It will stop your men from feeling naked when they drop in and realize the nearest Russ is 24" away. As to weapons layout:

Lascannon and Multi-melta: Both good tank killers, but used differently. If your not going to deepstrike them then lascannons are the better choice, allowing you to be a threat from a distance. If you are dropping them in with your infantry(highly recommended) then go with the multi-approach. This weapon can Be devastating up close, and a real fear-factor. No matter which way you go though remember it is an expensive weapon, keep it protected. I recommend you not take more than one per squad, allowing you to meatshields to protect it.

Heavy Bolter and Multilaser: The meat and potatoes of sentinel users. These two weapons form your standard sentinel line up, and provide great infantry support. My favorite layout is one lascannon/multi-melta and two multi-lasers/heavy bolters. This gives you thepower to mow down infantry while keeping a hidden weapon that will give your opponent head aches. To choose between these i would use the following criteria: If you opponent uses 4+ or worse, the heavy bolters, if he uses 3+ or better, multi-laser.

Autocannon: If you don't fancy the 1cannon 2 machine gun approach i detailed before this weapon is a great all arounder. It's not that expensive, and relatively nonthreatening, making it a great weapon for surprise attacks. My favorite tactic is to try and deepstrike these guys behind enemy lines, the autocannons good range means you don't have to drop in close. and then take out their tanks from behind. Most armies have AV 10 at the back, making the re-relatively high rate of fire of the autocannon perfect.

Support Sentinels: Too be completely honest i don't much like the support sentinel options. The missile launcher sentinel can easily be out-shun by its lascannon variant, making it rather redundant. It does have the option to fire frag missiles as well, giving it an infantry killing side, but not to the same degree as the autocannon. The rocket pod option actually looks rather good, giving a very fluff anti-infantry option. It works great against lightly armoured opponents such as orks and 'nids. But for tougher or better armoured opponents the heavybolter/multi-laser options are advised.

This section details individual heavy weapon use.

Heavy Bolter
Since your boys are going into the thick of it immediately this will be a good heavy weapon. its cheap, it thins down the infantry. since your tank busting will be done by melta guns and squads who don't drop in it would be the weapon of choice for your squads.

Not recommended for individual squads, but great for dedicated teams. If you get enough you could hide behind terrain and bombard the enemy, pin them down and then have your paratroopers take them out from up close while they're pinned. useless in squads though

Too expensive for tank hunter teams(especially since you don't start off with your whole army on the board). But also too expensive for your troops who are going in up close. I would say use them in squads that aren't dropping in nothing else. Since you have meltas it wont be that usefull.

Missile launcher
this weapon provides a mix of AT with light infantry killing and is a great all around weapon. i would recommend you using the Missile launchers in AT teams, since they appear harmless to the opponent and don't make such obvious targets. either deploy with them or drop the far away where their great range can be used.

Similar to the missile launcher, but works better with skimmers and light vehicles(dark eldar and ork). What these guys are good at is in platoon command squads, I've seen this done with great success. get a cheap expendable platoon command with autocannon and deepstrike it behind a tank. its high rate of fire will ensure a great chance of taking out a huge target in the first salvo(many people use meltas, but then you only get 50/50 chance of hitting,a nd have to drop in very close)

so in conclusion:
Mortars and Missile Launchers in dedicated teams
Lascannons in infantry squads who don't deepstrike
Autocannons in command squads who deepstrike
Heavy Bolters in basic squads.

This section details special weapons, and absolute must.

Meltas and Flamers: Anything that deepstrikes should have one of these. Mix and match in platoons to get variety with each drop.

Plasma Guns: Great for when you fight MEQ, since you get two shots up close, but you cant assault. I recommend these for suicide command squads, not for the regular infantry.

Grenade Launcher: Beautiful in SIGAFH, but not so good with drop troops. while it is an assault weapon for 2 more points the melta gun is alot more powerfull, and the flamer can work wonders. I'd not issue this to the squads dropping in unless you've run out of other special weapons.

This Section will detail Elysian elites. It can also be applied to drop troop armies with veterans and stormtroopers.

Stormtroopers: Good solid reliant and dependant. These are qualities you need when your army of flak armoured thoughness 3 soldiers drop into the middle of a space marine army. These men are hard, and will not go down nearly as easily as the rest of your men. But they come at a price, being one of the most expensive infantry we can get. So dont waste them, give them something important to do. Each stormtrooper squad needs a mission, a purpose and without one they are just an over priced guard squad. And each mission has a special weapon assigned to it: Deepstriking into marines means you take plasma, infiltrating into hordes means flamers, flanking tanks in a chimera means meltas, surpressive fire and guardsmen support means the all around grenade launcher. Make sure you know what you want these guys to do before sending them out.

Hardened Veterans: These are are similar stat wise to stormies, but very different in their use. They are very hard hitting, but easy dieing. These guys work great with your expensive weapons like lascannons and plasma guns that require an experianced crew man. So dont just toss them out there with a single flamer and hope for the best, deck them out in shotguns and plasma guns to make sure that they pump out as many shots as possible on turn one, since they dont tend to live longer than that.
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Default Re: Drop Troops, need help

Awesome! thanks for the input.
I'm a little confused on something though, can only my infantry platoons deepstrike or does this apply to other units as well?
And that's a penetrating hit to the rear. ... giggity!

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