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Inducting guard to support my sisters..
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Default Inducting guard to support my sisters..

Ok, so I plan to induct guard to support my WH, so I was wondering what heavy weapons you guys would bring to a 1000 and 1500 point match. I also plan to use ratlings, they are just too good of a buy for what you get. Thoughts?
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Default Re: Inducting guard to support my sisters..

Ratlings are great little guys to have, put them in cover and fire away my friend.

Heavy weapons in 1000-1500... Auto cannons & Rocket launchers

auto cannons- The thrid most versitile weapon the imperium of man has to offer. great for both transport/skimmer hunting and infantry killing. Second Best weapon for an allcomers list

Rocket launchers- As long as you call them rocket launchers these are BRIILLIENT weapons, the most versitile of the weapons avalible to the guard. can take out AV 14 if it has to and can call down templates to shred packed infantry units. Literally a great weapon and my personal favorite to model heavy weapon teams out of as well, But then again a catachans look awesome holding one anyway. Best weapon for an all comers list, i feel anyway.

PS: The first person to post 'lascannon' and not give good reson will be smitten.
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Default Re: Inducting guard to support my sisters..

Well it depends on what you play against.

The missile launcher is the cheap anti tank/anti infantry weapon.It is much more effective when firing the krak round.
Lascannon:The expensive antitank/big monster weapon.Expensive,very,squad may be targeted because of it,should not be a problem with 8 other body's in front of them.Target armour with 13 or higher.

Heavy bolter.Good in squads.Very good against infantry.Some what good against marines.This should be your first infantry killing weapon.
Now if you want a bit more bang for you buck you have the autocannon.Like the missile launcher,its the jack of all trades.It fires one shot less then your HB but has an AP good enough to crack threw APCs and other armour and infantry.

Mortar.What can I say,its a mini basilisk but not with very good killing abilities.It should only be used in numbers of 3 or more,not good enough to put in squads.Best kept to HQ support squads.Good at pinning and horde armies.

I would have to agree with the above.Autocannons and Missile launchers.Not saying that what I mentioned doesn't have a place but in a game like that,these are your backbone in heavy weapons.
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Default Re: Inducting guard to support my sisters..

Originally Posted by G????? (J?)
PS: The first person to post 'lascannon' and not give good reson will be smitten.
lascannon. you know why? look at sister anti tank power:
stormtrooper plasma
piano backs.

im not going to count plasma becuase anyone who takes stormies when you could have a sister for 1 more point should be shot.

meltas are 12", and even then its just an AP1 missile launcher. it doesn't get effective until 6".

multis, same as above but with double range. so double as effective? hardly. you can't move and fire, which means you need to move to 24", then wait. then you have to choose, fire? or move closer to get to those precious 12". all in all a very risky weapon unless you mount it on a land speeder.

which leaves the piano back as the only realliable AT weapon. but it's expesnive, has horrible side armour and will die easily.

SoB, like all inquisitorial armies, lack long ranged anti tank power. this is where the imperial guard comes in. lascannons are our best AT weapon. they have enough range to hit just about any part of the map, and enough strength to bring down the biggest tanks. sure it does have the anti infantry capabilty of the autocannon or the missile launcher, but this guy will ahve a few rows of sisters. BS4 bolters and stormbolters. heavy bolter retribution squads and lighting quick watcha-ma-call-them girls with the jetpacks and two bolt pistols. the imperial guard are there for two purposes: cannon fodder, and anti-tank support. a few infantry squads with lascannons will do that.
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Default Re: Inducting guard to support my sisters..

mmm, I think at the 1k level I will defentally go with the autocannons. As for the 1250 area and up, I think I am just going to mix it up. I may take 2/3 lascannons, but defentally no more than that. I like to keep things cheap where possible ^.^ I will writeup some lists tonite, and either post them in a few hours or tommrow. let me know what you think.

Ok I am sure this has comeup before but I just ened to clarify, as usuall. When the troops choice says that 2 guardsmen can make a heavy, can you get 4 out of a squad? Or is the limit 1 per squad? I was thinking that you can make 4, but just needed to hear a yay or nay. Thanks ^.^;
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