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First IG game - 2000 point batrep - Now with bonus second game as well.
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Default First IG game - 2000 point batrep - Now with bonus second game as well.

Played my first game with my Vostroyans tonight, at the local game store.

I got to play a 2000 point game against Death Guard. I had made three lists prior to going to the GW, one each at 1000, 1500, and 2000, and my opponent wanted something bigger.

My army was something like:

Close Order Drill, Iron Discipline, Veterans, Drop Troops, Rough Riders

HQ: Heroic Officer (Surveyor), command w/ plasma, autocannon, medic & standard. <- I guess the guy loading the autocannon was a medic or something. Armybuilder didn't throw a complaint, though I don't know if it's valid.
2 Fire Support Squads - 3 Heavy Bolters each.

Inf platoon 1:
JO, medic, 3 plasma guns
3x squads: lascannon, plasma each

Inf platoon 2:
JO, 4 flamers
4x squads: lascannon, plasma each

Armoured fist:
lascannon, plasma
Chimera w/ smoke, extra armour, heavy bolter, multilaser

2x 6 Veterans: 3x meltaguns. One w/ Sarge w/ powerfist.

Fast Attack:
2x 6 rough riders w/ hunting lances

Heavy Support:
Leman w/ lascannon, extra armour
Leman w/ HB, HB sponsons, extra armour
Basilisk w/ indirect fire

My opponent's army was something like:

Typhus, w/ chosen terminator retinue (7 chosen, 2 reaper autocannons)
Daemon Prince w/ Stature, Daemonic Armour, Essence, Aura, Strength, manreaper, other nonsense.

2 squads of plague marines, champions had daemonic upgrades.
1 squad of 10 plague bearers

Heavy Support:
2 tricked-out defilers w/ lascannons, mutated hulls, other nonsense.
1 chaos dreadnought.

He was massively outnumbered. He had set up the terrain so that there was a large forest in his deployment zone, where the defilers lived, but a large open space that he would have to cross to get to me. Fair enough, I thought.

I played a mostly refused flank, deploying almost everything in my right-hand corner. I knew that his indirect battle-cannons might have a field-day with how packed in I was, but I was worried about the daemonprince rolling from assault to assault otherwise. I left the armoured fist squad as a decoy on the right hand side, in range for counter charges by both units of rough riders. And, I infiltrated both squads of veterans 18 inches from the right-most defiler-in-the-woods, set to go tank hunting.

I won the all-important roll for first turn, and promptly destroyed his army.


Well, a bit more detail then.

Turn 1:
My first shooting phase was ridiculously successful. My first battlecannon shot drifted a little and landed smack-dab on the dreadnought, which exploded. Two plague marines were also caught in the blast. The other battlecannon killed 6-of-7 of the other plague marines. Concentrated lascannon fire dropped 4 of the terminators escorting Typhus, and the veterans managed two penetrating hits on the closest defiler, knocking out its battlecannon and lascannon.

In response, his daemonprince took the bait and went for the armoured fist squad. Typhus and company advanced, his defiler blew up my basilisk, and reaper autocannons killed a Vostroyan. His other, wounded, defiler then charged my veterans, killing one. They promptly ran for it, getting away, but not too far because of a patch of difficult terrain that they had to enter. I think they fell back four inches, the defiler consolidated three after them, but not enough to lock it back in combat.

Turn 2:
My veterans, seeing the defiler still close by, fell back another inch into the difficult terrain. My Rough Riders moved towards the Daemonprince. Everything else sat still. Shooting saw the end of both plague marine squads, a wound put on the daemonprince, and both squads of veterans melta-ing the defiler to bits. The first unit of Rough Riders charged the Daemonprince, inflicting two wounds, but losing three men in return - and the Prince then made both invulnerable saves. Still, they held, and pinned him in place for his movement phase.

The plaguebearers showed up, but scattered a little back from the terminators. His defiler lobbed a shot into the mess of guardsmen, killing seven, but they were close to the officer and the standard and held fast. Typhus and his buds advanced, firing the reaper cannons at my Russ (they had tankhunters), but needing sixes to do anything, failed to hurt it. In combat, the daemonprince killed the remaining roughriders.

Turn 3:
My Veterans rallied, and both squads headed towards the second defiler. Heavy bolter fire inflicted the first unsaved wound on the daemonprince. Lascannons wiped out all the remaining terminators, leaving Typhus alone. The battlecannons combined to kill all-but-one of the plaguebearers. The second set of rough riders then charged the daemonprince, also inflicting two wounds that were saved, but this time he took them all out with his manreaper, and consolidated towards the armoured fist squad.

The plaguebearer failed its all-alone instability test and returned to the warp. Typhus cast Winds of Chaos on my veterans, killing one. His defiler fired at the closest veteran squad, but only killed one of them. The daemonprince chose to assault the empty chimera rather than the armoured fist squad. It exploded, taking two of the fists with it, but the D.P. was sitting in the open, not locked in combat...

Turn 4:
Veterans melta the defiler away. Typhus is killed by lascannon fire. The daemonprince takes two more wounds from shooting.

It assaults, and cuts down the armoured fists, out in the open again.

Turn 5:
And is shot to little pieces by seven lascannons.

That's that. I've now played Guard for the first time as Guard, rather than as inducted Witchhunters.
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Default Re: First IG game - 2000 point batrep

Nice Battle Rep, looks like you did very well. As for th HQ squad I'm pretty sure you cant have the auto cannon guy be the standard but who knows. Any way nice win.
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Default Re: First IG game - 2000 point batrep

He can have the auto and the standard... ery nice game rep you have there..

Karma given
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Default Re: First IG game - 2000 point batrep

Originally Posted by G????? (J?)
He can have the auto and the standard...
ye, but only if he gets rid of the medic or the plasma gun.

it says any model not forming part of a heavy weapon crew or using a special weapon can be upgraded to a veteran. and only veterans can take standards and be medics. since 3 out of 4 of his men where either a heavy weapon crew or using a special weapon he can only take either a medic or a standard bearer. not both.
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Default Re: First IG game - 2000 point batrep

Guess it's time to post a bug report in Army Builder then.
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Default Re: First IG game - 2000 point batrep

its not the first nor will it be the last. Nice rep i hate fighting D.P's they are so annoying to kill
Originally Posted by Wargamer
Tanks are not offensive vehicles, they are a bunker that moves.
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Default 1100 Game versus Dark Eldar

So, I met up with another guy who was just starting a new army too, and we agreed to play an 1100 game (I have no idea where he came up with that number).

I pretty much cut out my tanks, and cut a couple of heavy weapons - My list was something like:

Same as above (drop troops, veterans, close order drill, rough riders, iron discipline)

Command - HSO (iron discipline) + banner, no other upgrades.
2 fire support squads; Heavy bolters

JO + 4 flamers
2 lascannon/plasma squads
1 autocannon/plasma squad
1 squad with no extra weapons

JO + 3 plasma + medic
2 lascannon/plasma squads
1 squad without weapon upgrades

6 veterans w/ 3 meltaguns

6 rough riders w/ lances

My opponent played Dark Eldar, which is the list I have the least experience playing - few people seem to play them much since they're no longer easily available in stores. We both knew what each other would be playing in advance, as we'd talked about getting together with our new armies for an inaugrual throw-down.

He had:

Some sort of DE lord with an agonizer and shadowfield, with a retinue, in a raider. The raiders had some sort of nasty sgt-type upgrade with a crazy weapon, a couple of dark lances, and the raider had a Night Field, maybe some other stuff.

Some other Dark Eldar Lord on a jetbike, who was joined to a unit of reavers.

1 raider squad (10 guys) - 1 dark lance, blaster, boss w/ agonizer - Raider had a Night Field
2 warrior squad (10 guys) - 2 dark lances, blaster, boss w/ agonzier

Fast Attack:
4 Reavers on jetbikes. - Dunno what they had much...

Heavy Support:
Ravager w/ 3 disintegrators, Night field


Dark Eldar spaceships are large, hard-to-hide things. My opponent did his best to deny me lines of fire on them initially, keeping the HQ ship back, and the Ravager and the Raider squad behind forests. His warriors occupied a bunker, and the second unit was set fairly central, but his jetbikes were left out in the open, as his ships had taken all his good cover.

I made a concentration of force, with my two squads without special weapons creating a close-order wall in advance of my other squads. Initially, every model was within 12" from my HSO. My right-flank was guarded by the board edge, and I had my Rough Riders stationed to counter-charge any assault coming from the left. My veterans were held back as drop-troops.

Turn 1:
I won the roll. My movement phase was non-existant. While I thought I had good lines of sight on his HQ's Raider, the nightfield meant I didn't have range except for one lascannon and my autocannon. Those, however, proved to be enough, and down it went, entangling his HQ at the back of his deployment zone. My heavy bolters killed two of the jetbikes, and the rest broke and fell-back off the table. While only technically killing three models, my shooting had taken both of his HQ choices out of the game.

He advanced his remaining Raider to try and take my right flank, and moved his ravager forwards to get some shots. His left-most warrior squad advanced, while the other held their ground in their bunker. His shooting killed two heavy-bolter loaders, and a rough rider.

Turn 2:
My Rough Riders advanced to cut off the center advance by the warriors. Lasgun fire killed two of the central warriors. I managed to shake the Ravager, but more importantly, heavy bolter fire downed the last Raider, killing off eight of the ten warriors it carried, and entangling the two survivors. The Rough Riders charged, killing 5 warriors, at a cost of three of their own, but the warriors held.

The shaken ravager moved to try and hide from further shooting. (It failed to do so effectively, being a big target). His warriors in the bunker decided that their only hope of salvaging the day was to get into assault, so they headed out into a large forest. The remaining HQ squad advanced as well. He had no shooting, and in assault his warriors killed the rest of my Rough Riders.

Turn 3:
My Veterans decided to make an appearance and did a textbook drop-landing, ending up two inches from his Ravager. They then completely failed to hit it. Ha ha ha. But that was ok, as my heavy weapons dropped it.
What was left of the warriors coming up the middle were cut down with lasgun fire, as were the remnants of the raider squad.

His HQ charged my veterans, wiping them out. Serves them right for not hitting the ravager. His warriors continued to trek through the forest.

Turn 4:
My lasgun squad advanced and rapid-fired on the HQ unit. The other lasgun squad advanced and Rapid-fired at the warriors in the woods. Other guns fired. At the end, all the warriors who were visible through the woods were dead (four were too deep in the woods), and the HQ squad was fairly depleted, with just the archon surviving.

The archon, however, was able to charge, win combat, and cut down the lasgun squad on the left side. The remaining warriors charged the lasgun team on the right side, winning combat, but they survived and fell back.
All his guys were now out in the open.

Turn 5:
And lit-up, and killed off, just like that. Victory to the Vostroyans.

Guard Losses:
6 Veterans, 6 Rough Riders, 1 guard squad, 6 assorted other guardsmen.
Dark Eldar Losses:
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Default Re: First IG game - 2000 point batrep - Now with bonus second game as well.

Oh! Another two victories for the backbone of the Imperium! Be sure to report these for Medusa V!
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Default Re: First IG game - 2000 point batrep - Now with bonus second game as well.

Nice sounded fun.Kill the xeos and the traitor marines,burn!!!!!!!!!.
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Default Re: First IG game - 2000 point batrep - Now with bonus second game as well.

please we need pictures!! :P WE NEED PICTURES!

*gets dragged away by nice men in white coats*
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