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Luitenant-General Marinus Eichholz - feedback appreciated!
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Default Luitenant-General Marinus Eichholz - feedback appreciated!

I *think* this character is - despite having a ridiculous thing called 'Command Walker' - still rather balanced. His special rules and armament aren't all that spectacular and he's quite easy to kill. The model isn't finished yet so I haven't had the chance to playtest it, and I have NO idea on his usefulness in an actual battle. Feedback would be appreciated (especially if you think that he's too powerful! Other option would be to count him as a vehicle (walker), but I feel that wouldn't represent a character very wel...)

Name: Luitenant-General Marinus Johannes Martijn Roy Eichholz van Helias-Porte

Age: 53

Regiment: Commanding officer of the Phyllis’ Jager Battaillon no. 27

[table][tr][td] [/td][td]Cost[/td][td]Ws[/td][td]Bs[/td][td]S[/td][td]T[/td][td]W[/td][td]I[/td][td]A[/td][td]Ld[/td][td]Sv[/td][/tr][tr][td]Eichholz[/td][td]***[/td][td]4[/td][td]4[/td][td]3(5)[/td][td]3(5)[/td][td]2[/td][td]3[/td][td]2(3)[/td][td]10[/td][td]5+(4+)[/td][/tr][/table]

Eichholz may be taken in a Phyllis’ Jagers army of 1500 points or more. The army may include other Imperial Guard forces (such as Phyllis’ Rifle and Phyllis’ Fortwacht units), but any non-jager units do not benefit from his Master Jager Commander special rule.

Weapons and wargear:

Command Walker
Heavy Bolter manned by First Sergeant Peter de Wilde
Van Eichholz’ sword

Special Rules:

Command Walker: Eichholz can always be found sitting in his command walker, looking over the battlefield, directing his troops. From here he can oversee and direct an entire Jagers battle, and he therefore counts as having the Improved comms vehicle upgrade. The Command Walker also grants him +2 Strength, +2 Toughness and a 4+ save (included in profile) Because of the Command Walker, Eichholz is subject to difficult terrain tests. On a role of 1, the Command Walker crashed/tripped and can no longer be used. Eichholz takes a Str 3 hit, if he survives he counts as being pinned for the turn, but may act normally from the next turn (though without the benefits of the Command Walker)

First Sergeant Peter de Wilde: Eichholz’ bodyguard Peter de Wilde is ever present at his master’s side and has his own seat on the Command Walker where he mans a heavy bolter. Peter de Wilde is included in Eichholz profile and has no stats of his own. Should the Command Walker crash, Peter de Wilde takes a Str 3 hit counting as being pinned for the turn if he survives. After this he counts as having the same profile as a hardened veteran armed with a lasgun and forms a unit with Eichholz. If Eichholz is killed he becomes an Independent Character.

Master Jager Commander: Eichholz is one of the finest Jager officers ever born, combining a way of war made up of ambushes and surprise attacks with the traditional volley-fire attacks of the Phyllis’ military. Eichholz counts as having a Macharian Cross. He may redeploy infiltrators as long as they abide the normal mission rules. He may only redeploy Jager units.

Honorary Dragoons member: Eichholz is a member of the highly elite Royal Dragoons and can request a unit to accompany him in battle. If Eichholz is part of the army you may take a unit of Rough Riders in the command platoon, replacing the sentinel unit. They will always have the hunting lance upgrade and count as having carapace (at costs listed in codex). Your army does not count as having the carapace doctrine if you select this unit.

Independent Character: Eichholz is an Independent Character, but he may be targeted in the same way as a Walker for the purposes of shooting.

Van Eichholz’ sword: This beautiful sword once belonged to Lord Patronus Hendrik van Eichholz, a true Phyllis hero who saved the planet from destruction at the hands of the Ork invasion of 846.M37, and in the aftermath founded the first Jager regiment. Van Eichholz’ sword counts as a master-crafted close combat weapon and grants +1 attack (included in profile)


<<< Marinus Johannes Martijn Roy Eichholz is a young, eager and successful general in the Phyllis’ armed forces. Only 53 years old, Eichholz is one of the most promising commanders in the sector and is rumoured to be introduced into sector command within the next decade.
Eichholz started out – like all children of noble birth who wish to enter the military – as a cadet in an artillery company, where he served with Cadets Ney and Perdair van Meerde, who became his close friends and would later serve under him in the #27.
Fifteen year later, Eichholz was promoted from second luitenant to Kapitain (skipping first Lt.) as a reward for his actions during the Xenos ‘Frrrs’ (named after the sound they make as they speak) raid on Brutus IV. Eichholz regiment, the famed Rifles regiment no. 65, was on Brutus IV to draft ratlings to serve in the Imperial Guard when suddenly a strong fleet of Xeno Frrrs appeared from behind the system’s sun and started its planetary assault. The Imperial Navy escort of the drafting convoy consisting of two frigates and the light cruiser Lord Bason’s Glory combined with the weak Brutus system defences didn’t stand a chance against the large Xenos fleet and were forced to retreat, leaving the #65 rifles and elements from the 40th Mercian on the surface unsupported. The Frrrs’ assault was ferocious and well coordinated, and there was little the ratling Home Guard could do to repel the invaders. Second luitenant Eichholz found himself and his company close to one of the major raid sites, and his commanding officer luitenant-Kapitain Karel Strom ordered the company to engage the enemy. The fighting went well, the Frrrs had only expected to find small numbers of ratling defenders and the battle-hardened soldiers of the #65 rifles falling upon their rear like catachan devils massacred large numbers of Xenos while suffering only minimal casualties in return. But what the #65 hadn’t expected was a second raiding party – only just deployed – coming up from behind them. Caught between two raiding parties, the roles were reversed and Eichholz’ company was forced to fight for its life.
Fighting on the flank, Eichholz led his own, relatively unshattered platoon of nearly sixty men out of the fight and regrouped in the nearby forest. From there, Eichholz sent out his sections against the flank and rear of the second raiding party. This proved a brilliant move. By splitting up his platoon into sections (a rarity amongst rifle battaillons, who prefer to be able to use their numbers), and engaging the enemy from multiple angles at a time, Eichholz succeeded in making the second Frrr party think that they in turn had also been encircled, and the Xeno’s flanks quickly fell into disarray. Soon their lines collapsed under an assault by the rest of company led by Kapitain Strom himself.
Following this action, second luitenant Eichholz was promoted to Kapitain and transferred to the Jagers battaillon no. 4, where he took command of the second company. In the Jagers, his skills to defeat large numbers of enemies with small, well trained units and brilliant tactics blossomed and he soon became one of the most respected Jager commanders alive.
In 989.M41, Eichholz took command of the #27 Jagers as a first Kolonel, and was promoted to luitenant-general following the actions on Corah.>>>
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Default Re: Luitenant-General Marinus Eichholz - feedback appreciated!

wow i like it, very original idea having him in a walker. i can't help you with points costs though, there's nothing to compare him with!
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Default Re: Luitenant-General Marinus Eichholz - feedback appreciated!

Originally Posted by Elessar
wow i like it, very original idea having him in a walker.
Thanks. I'm not sure yet about the rules, though, at the moment a krak missile can really ruin his day...

Originally Posted by Elessar
i can't help you with points costs though, there's nothing to compare him with!
Yeah, i've got the same problem :P I was thinking somewhere around 150 points. He's got some good strengths, but also some real weaknesses so I don't think he should cost much more than that...
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