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Plasma death
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Default Plasma death

Currently im looking at buying another armored fist squad for my army. I plan to make them into an anti meg/light vehicle squad. SO I am going to give them a plasma gunner but what i am wondering is can i give them a veteran sergeant with 2 plasma pistols. I know colonel Stranski has two plasma psitols but he is a special character and didnt know if i could use him as an example. Think of it though even on the run each pistol gets one shot no "gets hot" if i am correct and the plasma rifle gets 2 shots thats 4 plasma shots on the run 6 if they stand still since the pistols. Thats insane. So my questions are this 1)Can i give a veteran sergeant 2 plasma pistols? 2)Do the pistols have "get hot" rule? 3) what would he do in melee shoot the pistols again or just beat people with them like clubs.
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Default Re: Plasma death

1) You can give no character the same wargear/weapon option twice...so no plasma pistols. Just one

2) The pistols most certainly have the rules and nee to test for every 1 they roll...and 1-2 if they rapid fire.

3) Like all pistols, they count as basic close combat weapons in combat. If he has one pistol and a sword or two pistols or whatever...always just a close combat weapon per pistol, for a maximum of two (and thus +1 Attack)
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Default Re: Plasma death

Well, that would be too powerful, but you could make a special character for your gaming group.

We sometimes let things go here.

So he could use both pistols but if he fires both, any 1 or a 2, one of his pistols fry and he has oneless pistol.
If you fire both pistols and you roll a 1 and a 2, he cooks himself off.
On a double 1 he nukes anyone with two inches of him.

I think your opponent would be willing to take the chance to see if you cook your squad off, on the plus side if you roll very well, you'll be cooking his guys off.

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