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Commissar Cheruska (example of a creation thread)
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Default Commissar Cheruska (example of a creation thread)

This board has been set up for people to post ideas and trial rules for their Imperial Guard special characters. Post using the following format and title the thread with you character's name:




Stat line:

Weapons and wargear:

Special Rules:


Try to include as much fluff as possible, and make your characters colourful. You can then use feedback and opinions to modify and change your character until you are happy with the result, and then post it in the list of Tau-onlines Imperial Guard special characters.

For example:

Commissar Cheruska

Age: 76

Regiment: 3rd Teutoberg Guard


4 4 3 3 3 4 2 10 6+

Weapons and wargear:
Heavy Stubber
The regimental banner of the Teutonian 1st regiment.

Special Rules:

Augumentic Arm: During the siege of Alicia commissar lost his right arm and shoulder while battling the chaos cultists who summoned various entities of choas to defend the damned fortress. His arm shoulder and right side of his chest have been replaced with augumentics. This allows him to hold his heavy stubber single handedly and still fire while on the move. his heavy stubber counts as assualt/3

Hold the line!: Commissar Cheruska is a front line leader, and is always at the hottests fighting and knows that cowardice is the greatest weakness an army can have. Thus the commissar beleives that all means neccessary to hold the defences must be taken and his solders know that they cannot fall back while under his watchfull eye. The commissar's summary execution special rule extends to all units with atleast one model within 12" of the commissar.

Fluff: Ill add some fluff in awhile.
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