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Help with a new IG regiment....
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Default Help with a new IG regiment....


Well after recently purchasing the PS2 game Kill-Zone i am hooked! The reason i bought it was because of the Helghast! They look bad ass and i believe that it is possible to create an IG regiment for them. Now i don't want use the name helghast as i want to add my own twist to them. They will look exactly the like the Kill-Zone Helghast but i have came up with my own fluff to make them different.

The Fluff

The Stralingard Fighting Forces come from a planet that before the Emperor's great crusade was called alpha-delta 9. But when a ship of imperial priests and re-claimers where sent to alpha-delta 9 to in-act the emperor's rule, but it failed as the ship was attacked by fast striking Ork pirates and the only survivor 'Saint Amelia Stralingard' escaped in a drop pod onto alpha-delta 9. The peoples of alpha-delta 9 were ruled by an oppression government, who made living life worthless, the government and the planet as a whole was ran by the more noble, high class of alpha-delta 9.

The peoples of alpha-delta 9 were treat poorly, they lived in shanty towns and received no medical care, education or say in their 'leaders' actions. Anybody who questioned the governments actions were killed or imprisoned, so they had a tight grip on the majority population. Saint Amelia Stralingard began to preach the emperor's name all over, she educated the people, and showed to them that there is hope, there is light, and that light was the emperor. As news spread to the governments they were shocked, as what they feared the most was that people became educated and intelligent, and began to ask questions. In response the governments dispatched there armed forces and began a mass slaughter, to frighten the others. This would prove ineffective.

Saint Amelia had then helped the people of alpha-delta 9 and they fought back with a in-human ferocity which the saint and the oppression forces had never known of. The sheer wait of numbers smashed the governments forces aside and they overthrew the government and put all of them to death. Saint Amelia Stralingard had become a hero of alpha-delta 9 and she helped re-build their planet, and the planet was ruled by imperial diplomats who had been drafted in to maintain stability.

Now alpha-delta 9 was one of the most beautiful, fair and opened armed society and when the emperor visited he was in his own words a very proud man to know that what the people of alpha-delta 9 did was a true act of legendary heroics, and in commemoration of the people who had fallen to overthrow the corrupt government, the entire population of alpha-delta 9 became official imperial citizens and the planet was to be re-named as Stralingard, after the saint, who then resided to the mountain areas to live out her life, keeping an ever watchful of the people of Stralingard. But all was not too end happy.

When Horus had turned traitor along with the others word was spread to Saint Amelia, who was shocked and in disbelief, but she still preached the emperor's name to the people of Stralingard, and they listened. When the emperor defeated Horus, and crippled himself Saint Amelia and the people of Stralingard wept, and then made honorary marches out on their main highways, all bearing a single candle in remembrance of him, how he saved the people of Stralingard and offered them a new hope. During this ceremony the planet of Stralingard was about to take a different change, and the price would be costly.

During the ceremony a passing fleet of emperor's children 'traitor marines' observed their worship of the emperor where they sickend and bombed the planet with nuclear neuro-toxic bombs and changed Stralingards exotic environment which resembled that of Terra and transformed it into vast plains of ash wastes. Amelia was killed in cold blood in-front of her people, as they had no military forces they could not present an effective Resistance and all seemed lost for Stralingard, but hope had not abandoned them.

Blood Angels 'Loyalist' Space Marines under the command of Commander Feriso found the traitor marines and in a hate filled rage they annihilated the grand company of lord commander Verlemoes, very few of the traitors escaped. The Blood Angels assisted in the re-building of the planet, vast ancient presumably alien underground cities were discovered and were soon populated with the survivors and the alien cities proved a very good asset for maintaining there existence. The people of Stralingard changed, evolved so they could survive the inhospitable conditions, most if not all of the Stralingard's had lost their hair, became stronger and the all were over 6ft tall and if to survive the toxic air which would burn your lungs and eyes from the inside out they wore special goggles and wore respirators.

There numbers reproduced massively and with the chemical reaction of the dropped bombs and the planets rocks they became a resource that was unlimited and could create weapons, wargear and military equipment. With such resources at there disposal a vast majority of the Stralingard population became soldiers, There is an estimated 657 million fighting soldiers on Stralingard and the surrounding moons. The Stralingard Fighting Forces became an opponent to be feared, as many other human soldiers will run from battle to save themselves Stralingard soldiers never run.

All of them naturally are fierce, hard hitting and the only way to defeat them is to kill every last one of them. They prefer to use mass charges at the enemy, usually ten's of thousands if not millions of Stralingard soldiers will charge at a time and when they do they never stop, unless their dead. With so many soldiers many would believe that they would be ill equipped? Wrong the Stralingard Fighting Forces are the most well equipped troopers, as from an unlimited resource they never run out, ever.

OK so i have a got a couple of pics of the Helghast troopers and i am just asking you the reader/viewer what models could i use to represent them, cadians perhaps, steel legion? how could i convert cadian lasguns to look like the Helghast rifles? And how could you model the eyes and the respirators?. Costs do not matter as i think seeing a fully painted force of these guys is priceless.

So here are the pics and i thank all of you who have read this but also to anybody who replies to my queries. (If the pics don't work please tell me!)

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Default Re: Help with a new IG regiment....

Maybe try Vostroyans without the furry hats- and a bunch of cadian bits.

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Default Re: Help with a new IG regiment....

ah good old Helghast, they're in my codex.

model wise cadians with re-breathers and elysian guns.
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Default Re: Help with a new IG regiment....

I always thought Helghast looked amazing...

Sounds like a cool idea.
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