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starting a imperial guard army
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Default starting a imperial guard army

hi i was onderng of starting a imperial guard army but dont know what regiment i should do ???
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Default Re: starting a imperial guard army

model, army or fluff wise?

model wise these are your options: cadians, old cadians, catachan, old catachan, mordian, valhallan, tallaran, stell legion, vostroyans, eylisian, preatorian. now the two most common are cadian and catachan, since they're plastic and cheap. if you dont have alot of money then you'll probably have to go with one of them. elysians are very cool drop troops, but resin. these guys cost you 35 a squad, so unless your loaded you might ahve to skip these. then you have metal guard, where the diversity is. these are still pretty expensive, but within a feasable range. your model choice will depend on your fluff, so your going to have to give us some of that first. now your two options are: play an existing regiment, or, make up your own. if you play an existent regiment you wont need to make up fluff, just read their entries in the codex and website a see which one you like most. if you make up your own then your going to have to come up with quite a bit of fluff. the best way to go is makeup a regiment you think is cool, make up a planet and names and anything you think you make your regiment sound coller. then see which model range fits their discription best. after than you can choose whatever set of dcotrines(if any) you want to use to represent your regiment. now you might be tempted to go and pick all the expensive doctrines, but trust me, your better off going for fluff.
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Default Re: starting a imperial guard army

Here is my standard saying...

Assuming you're starting plastic Cadians. (Don't let wargamer hear me say that...<gulp...&gt You'll want to start with the Battle Force, if you have a lot of money. Ha.

The Cadian BattleForce gives you a platoon of infantry, which is one of your troop choices, except, you lack it's command squad. It gives you three heavy weapon units, which can either be mixed into the infantry squads or separate, as a heavy weapon platoon. It also leaves you with a Leman Russ, with the battlecannon and side sponsons, can really bolster your defence.

To fill your second Troop Choice, you can either get an Armoured Fist Squad which will give you mobility and a bit of extra heavier firepower from the Chimera.


You can purchase another Platoon Of Infantry to add more lasguns to the mix. But I do suggest and Armoured Fist Squad. It adds the second level of gameplay, and a bit more variety to your force.

Even if you do get an armoured fist squad, you'd still want to purchase another Platoon Of Infantry. These models are invaluable, even if they don't fill out your troop slot, you have 20 more legs and bodies and heads, you can potentially model your two command squads (Army HQ and Platoon HQ) and still have 10 bodies left over to use the extra pieces of your heavy weapon units. You can make missile launcher teams that are standing up, or even mortar teams that are standing up.

You'll want some Junior Officers, who will obviously be used as the leader of your platoon, and the extra can be used as your Senior Officer until you (optionally) get the Cadian Command Squad
Personally, I don't like the command squad, it's 'what you see is what you get' option is very low, as you basically have to take a medic, master vox, standard bearer and meltagunner.
But, you could mix things around, and add the meltagunner to your Armoured Fist Squad...the choices are endless!

In the end, you'll be well equipped with a large variety of men.
Two tanks-Chimera and Leman Russ
Thirty(30) Infantry- 20 in the first Platoon and 10 armoured Fist
At least three (3) heavy weapon units, but with conversions, you can have a full 5 (autocannon, heavy bolter, mortar, missile launcher and lascannon) with one unit. Lucky you!
Ten (10) command squad members- 5 from your army HQ and 5 from your Platoon HQ
That's a lot of soldiers ready to serve the Emperor with vigilance!

Don't forget Your Codex!

Good luck! For the Emperor.
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Default Re: starting a imperial guard army

I say stick with Cadian or Catachan, because they are cheap. Although if you are looking for something less common you might want to do Mordian, Steel Legion, Valhallan, or even the Tallarn. If your looking for something easy to paint, I would say the Catachan would be easiest to paint, but if your looking for fluff I really can't help you, just follow your heart.
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