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What works with Rattlings?
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Old 24 May 2006, 00:43   #1 (permalink)
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Default What works with Rattlings?

I'm brainstorming on an ultra elite unit. It's not meant to be one of those 17points per guardsman units, but more of a highly specialised strike force.

I've decided that they would go very well if they had a bunch of rats in them (probably proxied by something prettier )

So what would go with the rats?
I was thinking Afriel (my substitute for ID)
Light Infantry/deepstrike

I was weighing up cameoline and also taking Sharpshooters instead of vets (it is worth it if used properly), but am undecided as what to use between drop troops or light infantry (i'm not a carapace fan so probably LI). Any comments?

Here is a bit of my fluff.
The unit is from a system that is practically inside the maelstrom. This world faces all kinds of daemons and traitor pirates. As a result it has created a division that speciallises in scouting out the maelstrom for the bases of these villians for future strikes.

They are drawn from the finest soldiers from other guard regiments in the system and often work alongside Space marine scouts. One of their roles is as a force multiplier of sorts to the space marines. As the marines are a limited unit, these troops scout all possible sites in company strength, calling in for scout reinforcements when a sufficiently powerful enemy is found. If the scouts concur they call in a Astartes strike or go in in force.

They are essentially fearless and have been known to serve under inquisitorial jurisdiction.

As a result of these I am not sure which is more fluffy Drop T or Ligh I. Please feel free to play around with the doctrines. I'm just sort of set on the rats and Afriel, but that also open to change.


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Default Re: What works with Rattlings?

I would say light infantry.

If I were trying to be covert you wouldn't see me falling from the sky in a giant metal box.

That kind of defeats the purpose.
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Old 24 May 2006, 08:19   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: What works with Rattlings?

I agree entirely.
I did think that that was how they could assault once they have scouted out the enemy (infiltrators move in while heavily armed troops melta the enemy from behind), or that it could represent the troops infiltrating right into the heart of the enemy, not just to the edge of their deployment.

But from my other doctrines, Light Infantry would fit the theme better and also allow the doctrines to be more effective.

Thanks a lot for the help.

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Default Re: What works with Rattlings?

Light Infantry sounds right to me. Perhaps in smaller squads than would normally be found, with few heavy weapons. Specialist squads with snipers (vets? Can't remember if they can be given sniper rifles) would also be nice and fluffy, but not particularly effective against high Ld and good Sv armies.
Whilst veterans would be more fluffy IMO, Light Infantry would make the force more playable.
Just my 2 cents.
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Default Re: What works with Rattlings?

I really like the idea, but with CA rules you may have to ask for opponents permission, which can stuff up abattle plan
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Default Re: What works with Rattlings?

That's true, but I can easily mod the list if he dissagrees. I just pay the 5 points/officers for ID instead of per squad for Afreil and rely on officers more. Thanks, that's something that I'll kep in mind while I build the list.

So how is this for the Doctrines:
Light Infantry


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