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Mech Guard
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Default Mech Guard

once Medusa V is over im planning on starting a mechanised Imp Guard army. Basically i want to know what are the best units to have and why.
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Default Re: Mech Guard

I hear chimeras are pretty good...

Ok, so you're going to have a wall of AV12 tanks that can put out six s5/s6 shots at 36 inches. Even against marines, that can be a lot of anti-infantry firepower, with significant range and mobility.

What are you missing? You don't have anyway to take out harder armour targets. You're going to need lascannons.

I think, in mechanized guard, that your strength is the chimera, not the lasgun. You get more chimeras by buying smaller squads of guys.

I'd look at taking lascannons in every infatry squad. Your multi-lasers and heavy bolters will handle hordes and light vehicles just fine. I'd look into ways to get those lascannons on the cheap. Veteran squads are good for this.

How many points are you planning?

In 2000 points, I'd try and field something like:
Doctrines: Mech, Veterans - others to suit.

All chimeras are multi-laser/heavy bolter, extra armour

Command Platoon
Command Squad (lascannon, Chimera)

Inf Platoon:
Command Squad (lascannon, Chimera)
Squad A (lascannon, chimera)
Squad B (lascannon, chimera)

Armoured Fist (lascannon, Chimera)

6 Veterans (lascannon, chimera)
6 Veterans (lascannon, chimera)
6 Veterans (lascannon, chimera)

Sentinels (lascannon, improved comms)
Sentinels (lascannon, improved comms)

2 Lemans (Hull lascannon, extra armour)
1 Basilisk (indirect fire)


That gives you:
8 Chimeras (8 heavy bolters, 8 multilasers, (48 shots/turn @ 36"))
12 lascannons (3 at BS4)
2 battlecannons
1 earthshaker cannon
2 improved comms for those pesky escalation games.
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